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Heritage Bank Transfer Code – How to Register, Use It

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We are passionate to announce to you that sending funds to your loved ones has been made simple with the Heritage bank transfer code through the introduction of their USSD banking, which is the simplest and fastest way of sending funds to beneficiaries of the bank and other commercial banks.

There is no need of stressing yourself to visit ATM stands or standing in a queue inside the banking hall to make a transfer.

The beautiful thing about the USSD tool is that whether you want to send money from heritage to other commercial bank accounts or from heritage to another heritage account, the unique still remains the best you should rely on as a customer to carry out your transactions successfully with the bank.

Furthermore, there is one other amazing benefit of USSD banking, it functions perfectly on any mobile phone device. This includes both internet-enabled mobile phones and none internet-enabled phones, they can be used for such purposes.

So, as you are relaxed reading this report, you will surely find out how to perform the transfer between Heritage bank to other commercial banks and Heritage to other Heritage bank accounts as well.

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Heritage Bank Transfer Code

How to Register Heritage Bank Transfer Code

  • To register, dial *322*030#
  • Carefully follow the on-screen instructions for the activation
  • Choose a 4 digit PIN which you will use to authenticate the transfer
  • Congratulations! You are now ready for USSD transactions.

Heritage Banks to Other Banks Transfer Code

  • Kindly dial *322*030*ACCOUNT NUMBER* AMOUNT#
  • For example, let’s assume you are sending a fund worth #30,000 to your friend’s account number which is 2051336501, dial *322*030*2051336501*30000#
  • Select the Bank of the receiver
  • Confirm the account name of the receiver with the one in your possession
  • Finalize the activity by entering the 4-digit PIN you requested earlier or use the last 4-digit numbers in your master card

The fund sent will be successful by clicking OK

You will get a debit alert notification from your bank, indicating you have been debited as requested.

Heritage to Heritage Bank Transfer Code

  • Dial *322*030*ACCOUNT NUMBER*AMOUNT#
  • For instance, if you want to send #50,000 to the account of the receiver which is 0036407080, dial *322*030*0036407080*50000#
  • Select the Bank of the receiver
  • Confirm the account name of the receiver with the one in your possession
  • Finalize the payment by entering the 4-digit PIN you activated with USSD banking. You can use the last four digit numbers in your debit card
  • The transaction will be successful immediately after you click OK

You will get a debit alert notification from your bank, showing you have been debited as requested.

Benefits of Using the USSD Banking

Since the invention of USSD banking, transactions have been awesome and stress-free. If you have not created an account with the bank, you are really missing a lot.

However, the reason why we have decided to enlighten you on the key benefits of USSD banking is to enable you to make a wise decision, to create an account with the bank immediately. Therefore, kindly check out the benefits listed below.

  • USSD banking is meant for members of the bank
  • The service is acceptable through all the network providers (9Mobile, Glo, MTN, Airtel) in the country
  • The service happens to be the fastest and easiest medium for making fund transfer with mobile phone devices
  • The special USSD facility is readily available 24 hours daily
  • It is not hectic to activate the USSD banking service. All you need is to create a 4-digit PIN which will aid your transaction as we stated earlier.

Now, you have seen the key benefits associated with making transactions with Heritage USSD.

We are pleased to address some restrictions which you might encounter with the use of the services. Do not be perturbed, kindly check them out below.

You cannot make use of the service with a different phone number not integrated into your account.

Other Uses of the Code

The services which the unique code proffer, is not limited to sending fund. We want to as well, show you other fantastic services which the USSD tool can do.

Bill payment: With the use of the USSD tool, you don’t need to border yourself visiting several bill payment offices. Heritage USSD tool has got you covered to easily subscribe to your decoders like GOTV, DSTV, StarTimes and other payments. In a nutshell, we shall explain the procedures needed to carry out the payment of your bills within a few seconds using the USSD tool.

  • To pay your bill, dial *322*030*BILLER ID*AMOUNT#
  • Before we continue, check out some of the key billers and their IDs given below:
  • GOTV ——-1088, DSTV —— 1099, StarTimes —–1077, etc

For instance, let’s say you want to subscribe to your GOTV, and dial the USSD banking code on your phone, including the biller ID and the amount as *322*030*1088*3500#.

Follow the on-screen instructions and your payment will be done successfully.

Wrapping Up

We have shown you how to make your bill payment with the USSD banking and fund transfer, both for intra-bank and interbank transactions, you can now enjoy the services.

Do you need to urgently transfer some funds with the Heritage USSD code? I hope this article helps you achieve just that. See more Nigerian Banks and their USSD Codes.

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