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DStv Yanga Channels List and Price in Nigeria 2024

by NaijNaira
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Dstv Yanga

The second cheapest package is DStv Yanga and it is one of the newly added plans and we are going to discuss all it has to offer from DStv Yanga Channels List 2023 to price in Nigeria and how it compares with Confam and Padi.

Yes, as a subscriber on Yanga subscription, you are eligible to watch Big Brother Naija 2023, switch to Channel 198 right now to activate the station on your decoder.

When it was first launched, it has just 90 stations on it but right now it has more than 100 stations in total when I added the audio stations.

Initially, its addition led to numerous Nigerians asking questions that they can’t seem to find an easy and quick answer to because it was difficult to choose between Yanga, Access and Family packages at that time.

Among the few questions, people were asking them was if they should upgrade to it from Access and if downgrading from Family is worth it.

However, DStv has since removed both Access and Family plans making the decision a little bit easier.

The question has now changed to which should I subscribe to between Confam, Yanga and Padi.

By the time you are through reading this piece, everything would have been cleared out. I am sure you asking yourself how right now.

Well, I will do that by analyzing the data and facts at my disposal.

Most could also have access to such data and do the analysis themselves but like I said earlier, they want a quick and easy answer.

Well, that’s exactly what I am offering you here.

There are two (2) determinants here, how much the trio cost and the list of stations on each.

The cost in the sense that how much are you willing to pay and the list of channels in the sense of your personal preference; what you like watching.

So let’s get to it.

Firstly, I will list out the channels on DStv Yanga in 2022 / 2023 including their codes. Secondly, I will talk about DStv Yanga price.

Lastly, I will compare it with the DStv plan directly above and below it using the determinants I just talked about.

DStv Yanga Channels List 2023 in Nigeria

First, are there free channels on DStv? Find them all here.

Below are list of channels on DStv Yanga:

S/NYanga ChannelsCodes
1.)E! Entertainment124
2.)Africa Magic Family154
3.)Africa Magic Hausa156
4.)Africa Magic Yoruba157
5.)Africa Magic Igbo159
6.)ROK GH164
7.)ROK 2169
11.)EVA +142
12.)Zee World166
13.)M-Net Movies 4108
14.)Africa Magic Epic152
15.)B4U Movies451
16.)Discovery Family HD136
17.)Real Time155
18.)NatGeo Wild182
19.)Spice TV190
20.)SS Blitz HD200
21.)SS Football205
22.)BBC World News400
23.)Al Jazeera406
24.)CGTN News409
26.)CNC World415
27.)Arise News416
30.)Disney Junior309
31.)Jim Jam310
32.)PBS Kids313
34.)POP Central189
35.)MTV Base322
36.)HIP TV324
37.)Trace Naija325
38.)AFRO Music English326
39.)Sound City327
40.)URBAN TV328
41.)NTA I251
46.)LAGOS TV256
48.)Galaxy TV258
49.)Wazobia Max259
51.)Arewa 24261
52.)WAP TV262
53.)Sunna TV351
54.)NTA 2369
55.)NTA Parliament370
56.)Plus TV Africa408
57.)TVC News Nigeria418
58.)NTA News 24419
59.)Maisha Magic East HD158
60.)Maisha Magic Bongo160
61.)eTV Africa250
63.)Cloud Plus294
64.)Wasafi TV296
65.)Citi TV363
66.)Dominion TV364
67.)SABC News404
68.)Newzroom Afrika HD405
69.)Africa News417
70.)Joy News421
72.)Day Star342
76.)Eternal Word Tv Network348
77.)Dove TV349
78.)Lumen Christi350
79.)Emmanuel TV390
80.)TV Mundial (P)680
81.)RAI International430
83.)TV5 Monde Afrique437
84.)Deutsche Welle446
85.)CCTV 4447
86.)CGTN Documentary448
87.)CGTN French449
88.)CCTV Entertainment480
89.)China Movie Channel481
90.)Shanghai Dragon TV482
91.)Hunan TV483
92.)Zhejiang TV484
93.)Phoenix News & Entertainment485
94.)RTPi (P)525
95.)NDTV 24×7413
96.)BBC World Service English850
97.)BBC World Radio 2851
98.)BBC African Languages852
99.)Voice of America853
100.)World Radio Network854
101.)Channel Islam Internationale865
102.)Radio France Internationale866
106.)TransAfrica Radio872

DStv Yanga Price in Nigeria

DStv Yanga subscription is 2565 Naira per month and it gives you access to 106 stations which include 11 audio stations.

Confam Vs Yanga

Yanga is 2050 Naira cheaper than Confam but you won’t be able to view these stations; Universal TV, EVA, Star Life, Da Vinci Kids, Trace Gospel and Trace Jama, TNT Africa, BBC Lifestyle, Food Network, ESPN, SS LaLiga HD, SS Variety 3 HD, SS Variety 4, BET, CBS Reality, FOX, M-Net City, CNN International, Boomerang, Cartoon Network.

Padi Vs Yanga

Yanga is only 715 Naira more expensive than Padi but you will have access to these stations; Real Time, Super Sport Football, Al Jazeera, CGTN News, CGTN French, China Movie Channel, Deutsche Welle, Hunan TV, Phoenix News and Entertainment, RAI International, RTPi (P), NHK, Shangai Dragon Tv, TV5 Monde Afrique and Zhejiang, EuroNews, Cbeebies, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, Hip Tv, POP Central, Sound City, MTV Base, Plus Tv Africa, Maisha Magic East, Africa Magic Family & Epic, ROK 2 & GH, E! Entertainment, Eva+, Zee world, M-Net Movies 4, Discovery Family, Newsroom Afrika, Africa News, Citi Tv, Dominion Tv, Maisha Magic Bongo, SABC News, NDTV 24×7, CCTV 4, CCTV Entertainment, CGTN Documentary.

How to Renew DStv Yanga Subscription

Visit quickteller.com/dstv and select Yanga as your plan. Enter your Naira debit card details and decoder smart card number into the appropriate box and complete the transaction by entering the OTP sent to you by your bank.

For those that will like to make payments using their mobile banking app, go to bills payment and select pay tv. Select Yanga and enter your decoder card number to complete the transaction.

Sports Channels on DStv Yanga

There are only two stations on DStv Yanga for sports and they are Super Sports Blitz HD and SS Football.

Final Thought on DStv Yanga

I have presented you with everything you need to make a decision between DStv Yanga and the packages directly above and below it.

It is 2050 Naira cheaper than confam but are you willing to part from those stations you won’t have access to? I will let you decide.

Likewise, it is only 715 more expensive than Padi but there are numerous channels you will enjoy over the subscribers of Padi.

There are 106 stations for you to switch between if you subscribe to this DStv Yanga package. What are you going to do? Let me know in the comment.

In the meantime, if you find this write-up useful, you might have people who need it too, so you might want to share it with them.

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