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Nollywood Actress Georgina Ibeh on a date with Cristiano Ronaldo?

by NaijNaira
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Georgina Ibeh date Cristiano Ronaldo

Popularly known for her appearances in hit series ‘This Life’ and ‘Super Story’, Nollywood actress, Georgina Ibeh, has revealed how she would love to go on a date with Manchester United star, Cristiano Ronaldo.

In an engaging interview with PETER AKINBO of the PUNCH newspaper, the actress talked about Nigerian sportswomen who won 12 gold medals at the Commonwealth, Mikel Obi and of course Ronaldo.

When asked about her engagement in sports when growing up, she said:

“Not really, I didn’t have that level of interest in it. I like football, it’s something I can watch and not get bored. I like the fans support, the way they cheer. I laugh at the way some fans get angry with someone they can’t see face-to-face, who does not even know them.”

Former Chelsea star Mikel Obi

“I am a Chelsea fan. I started to like Chelsea when Mikel Obi was there, I watched their games a lot and I have been with them since then. I think he was the best Nigerian player in the EPL from all I have seen of him and with his achievements.

Asked if there is anyone that catches her eye in football, she was quick to respond, “Cristiano Ronaldo. I just think he is cute.

“I like how he is passionate about what he does because I am also very passionate about my craft. I also like that he shows a lot of love for his family, I care about family, so, I like how he is very family oriented. He is a cool person.

Cristiano Ronaldo and wife Georgina Rodríguez

She was further asked if she would go on a date with Ronaldo.

“On a platonic level, yes, romantically though, no way. I wouldn’t want to have a relationship with a married man.”

She also spoke of how proud she was of Tobi Amusan, and how she represented Nigeria so well, but unhappy that she was not promoted as it should have been.

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