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Grim reaper band lead singer Steve Grimmett dies at 62


Grim reaper Steve Grimmett dies

Lead vocalist for the band Grim Reaper, Steve Grimmett, is dead.

Grimmett passed away on Monday, 15th of August, 2022 at the age of 62.

The singer was born on the 19th of August, 1959. He was the lead vocalist for the band Grim Reaper. His cause of death is yet to be made public.

He started his career in the days of the new wave of British heavy metal. Prior to being well-known as the lead vocalist for Grim Reaper, he was a member of the short-lived band Medusa.

After briefly appearing in the onslaught, he went on to found Lionheart and, more recently, The Steve Grimmett Band and GrimmStine.

Grim Reaper enjoyed enormous popularity all over the world thanks to their three critically praised studio albums, as well as single releases and MTV airplay. After Grim Reaper, Onslaught had a brief run with a debut song that reached the UK charts.

The Steve Grimmett Band, a more recent endeavor, features Ian Nash, Chaz Grimaldi, and Pete Newdeck supporting Grimmett. As Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper, this group has continued to perform, with Mark Rumble on drums in the current lineup.

According to report, the deceased just returned from the US where he was promoting his international band, GrimmStine, which features Dave Johnson on percussion, Steve Stine on guitar, Grimmett on vocals, and Hat on bass.

They released their self-titled debut album in 2008. In connection with a Garmin commercial that ran during the 2007 Super Bowl XLI, he made a music video.

He was sent to a hospital in Ecuador in January 2017 as a result of an infection on his right leg below the knee, which necessitated amputation. Until his release in February, he remained stationed at the hospital.

He started walking once more in April, this time with a metal prosthetic limb. At Bang Your Head on July 14, Grimmett gave his first theatrical performance in a wheelchair following surgery.

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