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Guardiola makes serious complains about Haaland after derby defeat to Man United

by NaijNaira
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After Manchester City’s 2-1 derby defeat to Manchester United, Man City boss Pep Guardiola has voiced serious concerns regarding the integration of Erling Haaland into their system.

He admitted that they need to find a way to get him more involved in play.

Didi Hamaan, a former City midfielder, recently suggested on social media that City were a better team without Haaland, regardless if he scores 40 goals this season; an asserted which Guardiola is unlikely to agree with.

Guardiola said. ‘(Against United) he had enough touches but it’s true that when you are looking at areas and you have to look at him. But we will do it.’

‘I would say the inconsistency was in terms of results but not performances,’ he said. ‘In general, (but) not against Southampton, we were consistent in our games.

‘Of course, against Everton we played better, but they had one shot on target and we drew. They punished you when before it didn’t happen, we always found a way to get the results.

‘If we play good or bad, we always had that chance. I think this is our strength and we have to improve but in terms of performance, I think we are consistent.’

Despite this current dip in performance, Guardiola insists that there have been no inconsistencies due to the new system enforced by Haaland’s arrival and seemed generally pleased with the team’s performance against United, despite the disappointing result.

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