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Paystack CEO Shola Akinlade Buys 55% Stake in Danish Football Club

by NaijNaira
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Paystack CEO Shola Akinlade Acquires Majority Stake in Danish Football Club

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Shola Akinlade, the CEO and co-founder of Paystack, a prominent Nigerian FinTech company, has acquired a 55% stake in Aarhus Fremad, a second-division football club in Denmark.

This acquisition establishes Aarhus Fremad as a sister club to Sporting Lagos FC, a Lagos-based football club in the Nigeria National League founded by Akinlade in 2022.

The collaboration is expected to benefit Aarhus Fremad, a 76-year-old club with a strong community presence, by gaining access to Nigeria’s promising football talent pool and broadening its international scope.

Akinlade expressed his enthusiasm for the joint venture, which will power local communities.

The Paystack boss also voiced his confidence in Lars Kruse’s ongoing leadership as CEO, asserting their joint commitment to preserving the clubs’ values and long-term goals.

Currently, Aarhus Fremad tops the 2nd division and has a chance of being promoted to Denmark’s second-best league.

However, the club has faced financial difficulties in recent years, with Kruse, the former primary equity owner, covering its deficit.

The collaboration with Akinlade and Sporting Lagos FC is a significant step forward for Aarhus Fremad and the continued development of Nigerian football talent.

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