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How Chelsea Exploited Transfer Market Loophole Negating UEFA Ban

by NaijNaira
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Chelsea move quickly to wrap up £13million deal to sign midfielder

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In an effort to prevent teams from exploiting Financial Fair Play breaches, UEFA is set to enforce regulations that would limit the number of years a club would have to pay transfer fees.

In reaction to Chelsea Football Club’s operations in the winter transfer window in which they gave unusually long contracts to newly signed players, European football’s governing body will put a five-year cap on the length of time over which the fee can be spread.

There currently aren’t any UEFA rules barring teams from making such arrangements, but the new regulations will likely be put into place soon.

While Chelsea are said to be eager to utilize this loophole once more for their proposed transfer for Enzo Fernandez, no timeline has been revealed for when the rule will take effect.

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