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How Cristiano Ronaldo fans forced FIFA to delete Lionel Messi GOAT tweet

by NaijNaira
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How Cristiano Ronaldo fans force FIFA to delete Lionel Messi GOAT tweet

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FIFA have deleted a contentious tweet about Lionel Messi which severely irked Cristiano Ronaldo fans around the globe.

Argentina ended their 36-year World Cup drought to eventually get the better of France on penalties in a pulsating final.

Governing body FIFA seemed to be full of adoration for Messi tweeting: “The GOAT debate is settled. The ultimate prize is now part of the collection. The legacy is complete.”

Cristiano Ronaldo fans weren’t delighted. After a serious backlash, they deleted the tweet.

“FIFA deleted this tweet after getting called out for being biased and receiving backlash,” @TimelineCR7, one of the biggest Ronaldo fan accounts on Twitter, wrote. “A professional account of the biggest football organisation in the world.

“It has always been Ronaldo vs the rigged system.”

Messi certainly has nothing to prove to anybody, especially Ronaldo fans, even before winning the World Cup in Qatar.

Perhaps FIFA should have been more impartial and diplomatic, and it’s understandable that they deleted the tweet.

At the same time, however, CR7’s legions of supporters fans need to chill out.

Perhaps they should focus on where their hero will be heading next on his own journey?


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