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How Manchester City’s Strength Is Becoming Their Weakness

by NaijNaira
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Arsenal’s win against Manchester United last weekend taught a valuable lesson; if you push until the very end, you reap the rewards.

Historically, Man City have excelled in scoring late in games and turning losing situations into successes – last season 23 goals were scored between 76th and 81st minutes to clinch the league title by beating out Liverpool.

However, this season has been a different story, their strength has become somewhat of a weakness; five goals have been conceded compared to six scored in the final 15 minutes of matches.

This trend has not gone unnoticed by Arsenal who seem to have taken it upon themselves, scoring six goals and only conceding one when time is of the essence – higher than any other team in the league besides Brighton.

Man City needs to regain control of this situation before hosting Arsenal on Friday night or else they risk giving their opponents an opportunity for another late goal-fest victory.

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