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How to Become a Premier League Referee

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How to become a Premier League referee

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Are you passionate about football and dream of becoming a Premier League referee?

While it may seem like a daunting task, with the right dedication and focus, it is possible to achieve your dream.

To begin, start refereeing at the lower levels to gain experience. You must be over 18 and complete the FA Referee Course to formally become a referee.

Once you are qualified, look for opportunities to officiate matches at higher levels.

Employers such as FIFA or UEFA consider referees who have gained experience at the top amateur levels for higher-level positions.

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Who is eligible to become a referee in the Premier League?

Anyone with the passion and enthusiasm for football may apply to become a referee, however, they must meet some criteria.

Candidates must be 14 years old or older and have British citizenship in order to become a qualified referee.

Additionally, talent, dedication, fitness and experience are qualities needed to make a great referee.

Where to start

To become a Premier League Referee, one needs to start from the bottom. The first step is to get on any of the basic referee courses.

As you gain experience and practice, you’ll be able to rise up through semi-professional levels and then finally reach National level.

To determine when such a course is taking place, contact your district’s County Football Association for additional information.

Various associations exist in this area that can provide useful details and guidance about the process.

Refereeing levels

After successfully completing the basic referee course, an individual needs to move up the ranks to the top in order to become a Premier League Referee.

Refereeing can take place at different levels such as grassroots, semi-professional and professional.

The pathway often involves gaining experience and being promoted from one level to another until they reach the highest level – Premier League Referee.

  • Level 1 – National List (Football League and Premier League)
  • Level 2a – Panel Select (Conference Premier)
  • Level 2b – Panel (Conference North and South)
  • Level 3 – Contributory (Contributory Leagues)
  • Level 4 – Supply ( Supply Leagues)
  • Level 5 – Senior County (County Leagues)
  • Level 6 – County (County leagues)
  • Level 7 – Junior (Amateur leagues)
  • Level 8 – Youth (Junior Referee below the age of 16)
  • Level 9 – Trainee

Who can promote to the next level of officiating?

To progress from a trainee up to the professional level, you must first be endorsed by your County Football Association.

Once this has been achieved, and you’ve met all the criteria for that level, you may then qualify for Promotional Supply Leagues.

This is administered by The FA who oversees semi-professional referees (Level 4 – Level 2a).

To make it onto Premier League matches, having refereed at Level 2a will be considered for appointment with PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) which provide education and mentorship.

How to get a Three Lions badge?

The Three Lions badge is a symbol of excellence in the world of football refereeing.

It is awarded to referees who officiate an FA competition final or those chosen to represent the FA at any international FIFA competitions such as World Cup and international tournaments.

To have the honor of receiving such a badge, one must demonstrate exceptional knowledge and skills in the field.

What is necessary to become a referee?

Now you know the procedure, let’s go over what it takes to get to a professional Premere League level:

Know The Guidelines

To referee a game, you must become thoroughly familiar with its rules and regulations.

Start by volunteering to officiate in local matches and absorb knowledge from your experiences and mistakes. Learning the rules is essential for being an effective referee.

Managing abilities

To become a successful football referee, strong management skills are essential. A referee is responsible for managing and leading the teams of players and officials during a match.

Referees need to ensure that both parties are dealt with fairly and ethically throughout the game, allowing for smooth and successful results.

Moreover, referees should possess adaptability when dealing with different personalities amongst the managers and players.

Physical fitness

Achieving a fit physique is key if you want to be a successful Premier League referee.

The PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) regularly gathers referees and assistants together twice a month for intensive training sessions, as well as monitoring their performance during matches using appointed Match Delegates.

Becoming fit will ensure that you can keep up with the physical demands of the job.

Mindfulness and focus

To become a successful referee, having and maintaining concentration and focus is essential.

No matter the distractions, a referee needs to put their attention point on the ball or players while on duty.

A wide range of interruptions can be present throughout the match such as the audience shouting or even throwing objects.

To continue successfully with one’s task, these must be mentally blocked to ensure no personal judgement is made outside of their jurisdiction.

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