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Ranking the top 8 hottest female referees in football

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Ranking the top 8 hottest female referees in football

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Who are the hottest referees out there in football? What? You are wondering if football referees don’t boast the most beautiful woman?

Well for your information, the best-looking female referees are in football. Most of them were active but could not make it to the pro league yet but some were part of the top-tier leagues.

But who are the girls that have totally overtaken the charge of the hottest female football referees?

8 Hottest Female Football Referees in the world

Let’s meet the 8 hottest female football referees in the world

8. Denise Bueno (Brazil)

The new line’s official joined the Brazil football league. Denise Bueno who is a model now turned referee as per reports. The new lineswomen official was seen in the Brazil league match. Denise Bueno, who is one of the hottest female football referees from Brazil, is currently active.

7. Lucy Oliver (England)

Oliver is a professional referee for the women’s football league in the United Kingdom. She married Premier league official, Michael Oliver in 2015. She wants to see more girls get involved in refereeing as she looks to make it a level playing field.

6. Katie Patterson (Australia)

Katie Patterson is an Australian businesswoman and match official. In 2015, Patterson become the first female referee of the A-League. Patterson officiated the 2015 FFA Cup match between Rockdale City Suns and Melbourne Victory.

5. Elena Tambini (Italy)

She is a part-time model and match referee in Serie A matches. Tambini is currently part of the lower leagues as a match official. She is looking forward to making a successful debut in the top-tier league of Serie A and B.

4. Aurélie Sarà Bollier (Switzerland)

Aurélie Sarà Bollier is a professional referee in Switzerland and Sara Bollier is a full-time referee in Swiss amateur leagues and is hopeful to make her career prominent. She gets a huge fan following due to her pretty looks.

3. Claudia Romani (Italy)

If we talk about one of the most beautiful female football referees, Claudia Romani’s name will come on top. She is qualified to referee Serie A and B matches. She is among the hottest football referees currently active in the world.

2. Claudia Umpierrez (Uruguay)

She is an Uruguayan association match referee and lawyer by profession. Umpierrez working with FIFA since 2010 and in 2016, become the first women in Uruguayan football to referee a match. The 39-year-old completed her job as a pro official in Uruguayan Second Division and Uruguayan First Division.

1. Fernanda Colombo Uliana (Brazil)

She is a Latin American model, before turning pro football referee. She is born in Southern Brazil and captured huge fame during the world cup in 2014. Later got selected as a match official for Copa do Brasil.

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