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How To Know Sort Code From IBAN

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How To Know Sort Code From IBAN

Want to know how to get a Sort Code from IBAN? Read this guide for a step-by-step explanation of how to identify the correct Sort Code from an International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

If you are transferring money internationally, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with two very important banking terms – sort codes and IBANs.

Knowing what they are, when they’re needed, and how to decode them is essential for making a successful payment.

How To Know Sort Code From IBAN

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In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of these two banking terms so that you can make your international money transfers go smoothly!

What Is A Sort Code And How Does It Differ From An IBAN?

Curious about the differences between sort codes and IBANs? Sort codes are used to identify local banks when transferring money domestically within the UK or Ireland.

On the other hand, an IBAN is employed for international transactions that take place between two bank accounts in different countries.

To help accurately identify British and Irish banks, all customers are assigned a sort code as well as a domestic account number.

For intercontinental money transfers, recipients will often have to provide their IBAN for verification purposes.

This ensures that errors do not occur when transferring funds as an IBAN contains unique information that helps banking institutions correctly identify international bank account numbers.

How to Recognize an IBAN Number

An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a unique identifier for financial accounts around the world and consists of alphanumeric characters.

In countries within the European Union, an IBAN includes the two-digit ISO country code, followed by two check digits, the four-digit bank code, and six digit sort code identifying the specific branch of a bank in which an account is held.

For example, GB33BUKB20201512345678 contains “GB” as its country code, “33” as check digits, “BUKB” as a four-digit bank code, and “202015” as six digit sort code.

How do I identify my Sort Code?

A sort code is a six-digit numerical identifier that can be used to identify the specific bank branch where an account was opened.

The numbers of a Sort code are usually divided into three pairs, separated by dashes. The format of a UK Sort Code may look like this example: 12-34-56 /123456.

How Can I Find a Sort Code From an IBAN?

It is easy to determine the sort code from an IBAN. The sort code, which is composed of six digits, can be found in the 9th to 14th digits of the IBAN.

As an example, if we take an IBAN such as GB33BUKB20201512345678, we can decipher that the 6-digit sort code of this bank branch is 202015.

To make sure this information is correct, you can ask the recipient to check their records or bank statements and confirm that this is indeed their sort code.

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