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How To Play Bet9ja Online & Win (For Beginners)

by NaijNaira
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How To Play Bet9ja

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Are you a gambling enthusiast particularly online sports betting but you really don’t have a grasp of how to go about it? If so, not to worry. In this article, we’ll take you through how you can play on one of the leading sports betting platforms in Nigeria, Bet9ja.

Bet9ja is one of the most famous sports betting companies in Nigeria, that allows punters to bet on a whole lot of sporting events be it at a physical shop or via a personal account on the phone.

The betting company was founded in 2013, as a matter of fact, Bet9ja is the third most visited sited on the internet in the whole of Nigeria, after iconic sites like YouTube and Google.

There are hundreds of different playable events on the betting site, as a matter of fact, only a few betting companies can rival Bet9ja on the kind of market options you can explore on their site with mouthwatering odds.

How To Play Bet9ja

How To Play Bet9ja Games

First of all, there are two major ways you can play Bet9ja games. The first is with the help of a booking code which can be generated via the mobile app with your personal account and the second is by visiting any Bet9ja shops close to you to place your bet.

Steps To Follow

* Visit the betting company website www.bet9ja.com to get started.

* Once you’re sure you’ve entered the site, click on your chosen bet mode from the top menu.

* Select your chosen sport, tournament, country, or league and click on it to start picking your games.

* Once you’ve chosen your event you will be brought to a screen highlighting a range of 1×2, 1 for home win, 2 for away win, and X for draw. Once you click on the odds you want to bet on you’re already combining your games with your betting slip shown at the bottom of your screen.

* Once you’re done with your selections, you’ll click on the bet-slip icon at the bottom of the screen and you’ll be directed to a new page to confirm your bet by inserting the amount you wish to bet. After inserting the amount you wish to bet, you’ll be asked to place a bet.

* You can as well generate a betting code by booking your bet if you don’t want to play via your personal Bet9ja account. Once you generate the code you can take it to any nearby shop to place your bet.

How To Play Bet9ja Games Online Using A Personal Account

The use of a personal account to place your bet is one of the major ways to get your passion rewarded as a gambling enthusiast.

With your account, you can take your time exploring the tantalizing odds on Bet9ja without rushing yourself to place a bet. Particularly, with a personal Bet9ja account, you can place a bet anywhere in Nigeria once you have your phone with you.

Owning a Bet9ja personal account comes with a lot of advantages, as such, we’ll take you through the advantages.

* It allows you to stake online privately, but you must be 18+ to access the Bet9ja site.

* You’ll receive your winnings directly in your bank account without any delay or stress.

* It is easy to fund once you include your bank account and ATM card details on the Bet9ja site. With all of that provided, you can fund your account.

* You can also cash out your winnings before some games start. For instance, if you selected 12 games and out of the selected games 10 have been won, Bet9ja will give you an option ‘Cash-Out’ to take a percentage of what you’ve won instead of losing all by waiting for the two games to be played.

How To Create A Bet9ja Personal Account

Having seen the advantages of owning a Bet9ja personal account offers, am quite sure you’ll like to own yours right? If so, let me show you how to open one.


* Log on to Bet9ja.com using your phone, then click on the register icon.

* On the next page, you’ll be required to enter your name, a valid email address for verification purposes, and other personal information.

* Note that you must enter your name exactly as it is on your bank account alongside your other information. Once you’re done filling you’ll be asked to submit it by clicking on the icon.

* A verification mail will be sent to the provided email address you entered during registration. Click on the mail to verify your account confirmation.

* Once you’ve verified your account and the registration is successful, sign into your account to deposit money and start placing your bet.

* If you’re done depositing money into your account, go back to the homepage and click on bet then follow the options to start placing your bet

* Once you win any game, your winnings will be credited to your Bet9ja account from where you can apply for a withdrawal into your personal bank account submitted while registering.

Once you have a grasp of how to place a bet on your account, there are other betting markets you can explore to get your passion rewarded. Other sporting events like MMA, Boxing, American Football, Cycling, Cricket, and Rugby are also on the Bet9ja website you can explore.

How To Play Bet9ja

Other Bet9ja Games


How To Play Bet9ja

The Super9ja game is a weekly, free-to-enter football jackpot that allows you to win 10 million Naira simply by predicting correctly 6 randomly selected games for that week.

After the normal 10 million naira jackpot winning, once you play you stand to win from 100 thousand to 1,500 for being among the first 20 people with the highest number of points for that week.

Bet9ja Racing:

The Bet9ja racing game is another tantalizing option where you can get your passion rewarded. The game consists of dogs and horses racing with amazing odds to go for.

All you have to do is place a bet on a dog or horse once you feel the dog or horse can emerge first in the race.

Bet9ja Virtual:

How To Play Bet9ja

The Bet9ja virtual game provides you with computer-simulated matches. The simulated games are not real they’re computer-generated matches that customer places their bet on.

To play the Bet9ja virtual you need to have at least 100 to 150 naira in your account to place a bet on those teams. Interestingly, it comes with different leagues be it Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, or Ligue 1.

Bet9ja Live Betting Game:

The live betting game gives customers the opportunity to predict the outcome of a game that is already in play on the site.

Since live betting has to do with games already in play, note that the odds attached to those games are constantly changing, in fact, they change faster than the normal odds while placing a bet.

Other Bet9ja games include Casino, Spin, and other markets you can place a bet on to reward your passion.


Having taken you through different steps on how to play Bet9ja, this is the time for you to make some cash by placing a bet on the site. Run now to www.bet9ja.com to get your passion rewarded.

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