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How To Play Sportybet And Win ₦10M Jackpot

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Sportybet Jackpot in Nigeria

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Ever wondered how to win the jackpot on Sportybet Nigeria as a customer who wants to try other means of making more money?

Sportybet Nigeria is a betting brand that offers its customers amazing sporting events, superb odds and wonderful winning opportunities which also include ‘Jackpot’.

The Sportybet jackpot is a special promotion that the company offers to their players, giving them a chance to win a huge jackpot if they predict the right outcome of multiple matches.

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How To Play Sportybet Nigeria Jackpot

First of all, Sportybet jackpots are part of a special betting pool where a percentage of the money that you bet goes towards the combined prize pool, making the jackpot a progressive one.

For instance, if you want to win the Sportybet jackpot you will need to correctly predict all games on a single coupon in order to win the prize. The games could be 15 or 20, bottom line is once you predict everything correctly you’re game.

The Sportybet jackpot offers a 12 game with a punter needing to predict the outright results for each of the fixtures for the weekly draw.

To stand a chance of winning more than 10 million Naira, you must choose a home win, draw or away win on all of the 12 scheduled matches.

The interesting and unique thing about Sportybet jackpot is that if no one hit it, then the winning amount climbs above the 10 million mark in the next edition which certainly makes it juicier.

You may be wondering how easy is the Sportybet jackpot. The jackpot is quite easy and straightforward because it is a 12-leg game and is the most popular compared to other betting platform jackpots who has more than 12.

What Leagues Are The Fixtures List Taken From

The 12 matches on the Sportybet jackpot are taken from leagues across the world, but usually, the most popular games in the Premier League, LaLiga, and Serie A often dominate the picks.

However, sometimes games are also been picked from lower division leagues and during the off-season too which makes it more interesting.

Site To Visit For Sportybet Jackpot

To have a go at the Sportybet jackpot it is easy to achieve, just visit the website. https://www.sportybet.com/ng/jackpot.

Note that on the website you can check previous results and how to play. The average amount to stake for the Sportybet jackpot is 10 naira which is the industry norm.

The Sportybet betting platform boasts seven different banking options, a top-quality mobile site, and an app that gives access to all customers to fund their accounts while enjoying or playing the jackpot.

When To Play Sportybet Jackpot

The Sportybet 12 jackpot games are selected by the company itself every week for prospective customers who want to try their luck at hitting the jackpot.

The jackpot takes place over the weekend and as I mentioned above, it is played every week with the new fixtures coming up on Tuesday to prepare the punters for what is to come.

Other Sportybet Products

While the Sportybet jackpot section which allows customers to enter competitions to win huge prizes if predictions are made correctly is one of the betting company products, there are other sections also that punters could make money from which includes virtual, live betting, and many more.

While betting live, you can also follow match actions thanks to the seamless and easy-to-navigate interface put together graphics by Sportybet to make it easy for their customers to browse through the site.

Sportybet Jackpot in Nigeria

Service And Customer Support

This will definitely come with a mixed feeling, however, on the plus side the service and customer support section, in general, is very good.

It may not include absolutely everything the customers would want to know, but it does include the most important thing.

Above all, there’s a little room for improvement and hopefully, some of the challenges customers are faced with will be addressed so they have a smoothie experience while using the platform.

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