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Insights on Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Ownership Amid Man United Bid revealed

by NaijNaira
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Insights on Sir Jim Ratcliffe's Ownership Amid Man United Bid revealed

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Kasper Schmeichel, a football player for Nice, recently spoke highly of Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the founder of INEOS, and expressed support for Ratcliffe’s potential takeover of Manchester United.

Ratcliffe, who is Britain’s wealthiest man and a huge sports fan, has a portfolio of sports investments including cycling, Formula 1, and French football club Nice.

Schmeichel praised Ratcliffe’s vision and success in previous sporting ventures and noted that Ratcliffe is a big fan of Manchester United who cares deeply about the club.

Schmeichel also emphasized the importance of having present and knowledgeable owners, citing his positive experience with INEOS at Nice.

The Glazers are currently in talks with Ratcliffe and Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani for a sale of United, and it is believed that a preferred bidder will soon be declared after three rounds of bidding.

Schmeichel expressed his bias towards INEOS being the preferred bidder and encouraged fans to wait and see.

“One of the biggest reasons that I joined Nice was because of INEOS and because of Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Sir Dave Brailsford, their vision and how they want to evolve their sports,” Schmeichel said.

“Because they’ve been successful, not just in business, but in every other sporting venture they’ve thrown their investment at. I think with Manchester United particularly, Jim [Ratcliffe] is a big fan of the club and that speaks a lot to fans.

“He’s someone coming in who cares deeply about the club. From my own experience at Nice, he’s a man who is present, he comes to games, a guy that’s knowledgable about football and who has a vast knowledge about performance in general.

“He has people like Dave Brailsford working for him, who again, are present and I think that’s the main thing with any club I’ve played at, look at Leicester, for example, the owners are present and there is not a divide.

“So I think – and I’m biased hoping INEOS are the preferred bidders – let’s wait and see.”

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