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Italian Police Go after Napoli’s Deal for Victor Osimhen

by NaijNaira
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Italian Police Investigate Napoli's Deal for Victor Osimhen

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Italian authorities are investigating Napoli’s acquisition of Victor Osimhen, their star striker.

The Guardia di Finanza, acting on behalf of the Naples Public Prosecutor’s Office, has collected important documents related to the deal.

Napoli agreed to pay €71.2m for Osimhen in September 2020, but €20.1m of that amount was made up of four players sent in exchange.

The suspicion is that these players were overvalued to inflate capital gains.

The financial police visited Serie C team Turris and gathered documents related to the purchase and subsequent sale of Claudio Manzi, one of the four players involved in the Osimhen deal.

Manzi was sent to Lille for €4m but never went to France, instead signing a loan deal with Fermana.

Less than a year later, Lille released him on a free transfer, and he joined Turris, who then sold him to Virtus Entella for around €120,000 18 months later.

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