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Jadon Sancho’s Dining Room Ban: What Really Happened

by Thomaz Oseghale
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Jadon Sancho's Dining Room Ban What Really Happened

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Jadon Sancho, the Manchester United player, has reportedly been excluded from the first-team squad and banned from eating with the team following a public dispute with his manager, Erik ten Hag.

The disagreement arose after Sancho was left out of the squad for a match against Arsenal, with Ten Hag citing poor training performances as the reason.

Sancho took to social media to refute this claim and criticize his manager.

Despite initially deleting the post, Sancho has refused to apologize, leading to his banishment from first-team facilities, including the dining area.

He is now training separately from his teammates and eating with the academy players.

The situation between Sancho and Ten Hag has reached an impasse, and it seems unlikely that Sancho will be reintegrated into the team unless he apologizes.

Tensions have been building behind the scenes, with Sancho reportedly being late for training on multiple occasions.

This recent social media post was the final straw for Ten Hag.

Sancho had a promising start to last season but took a four-month break due to physical and mental issues.

He returned in February and secured a regular place in the team for the remainder of the season.


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