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Keyamo Speaks on Tinubu appointing PDP, LP members in his cabinet

by NaijNaira
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Festus Keyamo, the spokesman for the APC Presidential Campaign Council, has addressed the speculation that President-elect Bola Tinubu might appoint non-party members to his cabinet.

Speaking on Sunday, Keyamo explained that he cannot confirm or deny whether or not Tinubu will appoint non-APC members.

He stated that it is entirely Tinubu’s decision to choose those he believes are competent to serve in his cabinet.

Keyamo emphasized that the President-elect had promised to prioritize competence in his appointments, and so he would search far and wide for qualified individuals.

Keyamo also addressed concerns about how the leadership of the APC would react if Tinubu does appoint non-APC members.

He reiterated that it is Tinubu’s complete discretion, and the party would not interfere in his decision-making.

The spokesman went on to say that he could not engage in conjecture about whether or not Tinubu would appoint non-APC members, as it is currently a matter of speculation.

It is worth noting that Tinubu has not made any official announcements about his cabinet appointments.

However, his comments on the matter during his campaign suggest that he may be open to appointing individuals outside of the APC if he believes they have the necessary skills and experience to contribute to his government.

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