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Keystone Bank Swift Code for all Branches

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You can find keystone bank swift code below and after that, read on to know what it is and why they are very important in the banking sector.

As a customer of the bank, there are some information and details pertaining to your bank you should know. One of them is the SWIFT which is what you came here to find out.

Officially known as Keystone Bank Limited, Keystone bank is a widely used commercial bank in Nigeria. The bank was founded in 2011 when it was granted a banking license by the apex bank; it took over the operation of Bank PHB.

In Nigeria, you would find over 154 Keystone bank branches across the 36 states and the FCT. The bank has international presence as it has subsidiaries in other countries, this includes the Keystone bank in Sierra Leone and the Global bank in Liberia. In addition to that, the bank runs the KBL Insurance, a local insurance company in Nigeria.

Keystone Bank Swift Code

The SWIFT code for Keystone bank is PLNINGLA.

It is an 8 digits SWIFT code. The code is actually 3 individual codes combined together in this form PLNI-NG-LA.

First 4 digits is the code of Keystone bank, the next 2 is the country code of Nigeria while the last 2 is the location code of Lagos where Keystone bank head office is located.,

Sometimes, you may add the 3 digits of your bank branch code to the code above but it is not very necessary. This is because the head office covers all the branches in Nigeria.

Functions of Swift Codes

A SWIFT code is a code that identifies the bank, branch, and country where a particular bank account belongs to. If someone from overseas is to send money to you in Nigeria, you would need to provide your banks swift so the money goes into the correct bank account. Without you providing your bank’s SWIFT code, the money might not get to you or it would take longer than usual.

SWIFT codes consist of letters (some also include numbers) and they can be 8 or 11 digits long. You combine the bank code, country code and location code to get an 8 digit SWIFT code and you make it 11 by adding the bank branch code (if asked). They are also called Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) so whichever one you see know that they mean the same thing.

How to Get it

The major place where you would find the SWIFT code of your bank is on your bank statement. Whether you do receive payment statements or you get it online via mail, check a copy and you would find the SWIFT code among the displayed bank information.

Another way is by visiting your bank’s website and performing a search. Some banks have FAQs and support articles to help their customers and you can find the SWIFT code in any of these places.

Final Note

The SWIFT code of Keystone bank has been provided above so you now know what it is. Not just that, you also know how it was formed and what it is used for.

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