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Kwara Football Academy – Full Registration Process, Fees

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Kwara Football Academy

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The Kwara Football Academy (KFA) was established in 2005 as an initiative by Governor Dr. Bukola Saraki, seeking to promote skill development in football within the Kwara State in Western Nigeria.

President Issa Hayatou of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) officially opened KFA and its doors are open to all people from any background.

The academy is proud to have seven experienced coaches who have earned their coaching certificates and are alumni of various international football teams.

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About Kwara Football Academy

Founded with the support of the Kwara State Government, the Kwara Football Academy (KFA) is a private centre for youth development, aimed at training footballers between 13 and 21 years old to perform on an international level.

With 81 students currently enrolled, KFA offers these youths a safe environment in which to stay away from drugs, violence and other unhealthy habits.

The Academy’s aim is to equip its graduates for professional footballing careers and make Kwara State the ultimate center for future football development in Nigeria.

By providing young players with first-class education alongside developmental football opportunities, KFA stands as a unique initiative in Nigeria.

Why You Should Sign Up with KFA

The Kwara Football Academy (KFA) is a unique opportunity for talented youths to pursue their dreams of becoming professional footballers while receiving an education.

Students are offered a fully-immersive boarding experience on campus, and the curriculum is modelled after the Nigerian educational system with elements of the British system, preparing them to write exams such as WASC, NECO, IGCSE, TOEFL, and IB.

The students are divided into three categories: Junior (ages 13-14), Intermediate (15-16), and Elite (17-19).

Junior and Intermediate combine academics with football, while Elite combines football with management courses.

How To Join Kwara Football Academy

Being a part of the Kwara Football Academy offers many great benefits for any aspiring footballer.

Participants have the chance to take part in local and international tournaments in Nigeria and overseas, with the potential to even play for the national team.

Further, participants are able to access their information and be seen by influential contacts in football, including clubs, scouts, agents, and representatives around the world.

From regular trial matches to playing in front of global spectators, Kwara Football Academy provides an invaluable platform when it comes to showcasing talent.

If you are interested in playing football professionally and want to gain valuable experience, you should consider joining the Kwara Football Academy (KFA).

All those passionate about the sport can click on the registration link provided to start their journey with KFA.

Joining this academy would provide participants with the chance to hone their skills, gain valuable experience, and even get help on their way to a professional career.

Kwara Football Academy Fees

Kwara Football Academy (KFA) provides opportunities for a variety of football levels, ranging from secondary school cadre to professional standards.

For payment processing, KFA has set up two different bank accounts depending on the level of football being pursued.

Those looking for scholarships or non-scholarship professional cadre payments should be made to Sterling Bank Account 0021817606 and those seeking the secondary school cadre should make their payments to Sterling Bank Account 0036006239.

Professional Scholarship Cadre (Schools Fees Breakdown)

Kwara Football Academy offers a professional scholarship cadre in boarding and day schools.

New students/players freshers will pay ₦167,000 (boarding) and ₦106,000 (boarding players); while returning 1st-term students and players fees are ₦137,000 (boarding) and ₦81,000(boarding players).

Furthermore, scholars are entitled to free schooling. Also, new day student/player freshers will pay ₦102,000/₦41,000 respectively; while returning 1st-term fees are set at ₦72,000/₦21,000 respectively.

Furthermore, for 2nd and 3rd term students/players the fee stands at ₦102,000/₦75, 000 for boarders; while return day student school fees are set at ₦42, 000 /₦15R00 for players consecutively.

Lastly, the form fee is set at ₦7 500(for players)₦6 500 (for students) & acceptance fee of 5k is mandatory.

Professional Non-Scholarship Cadre (Schools Fees Breakdown)

The Kwara Football Academy offers different tuition fees for both boarding and day students, as well as for players.

For new boarding students/players, the fee is ₦167,000.00 for students and ₦106,000.00 for players.

Returning 1st term students have a reduced rate of ₦137,000.00 (students) and ₦81,000.00 (players).

Day student/player fees are much lower at ₦102,000.00 (students) and ₦41,000.00 (players).

Additionally, there is a full scholarship option available as well as discounted rates for 2nd and 3rd returning terms of boarding again being higher than those of day students/players.

Finally, new players and students will be required to pay a form fee of ₦7,500.00 and ₦6,500 respectively with acceptance fees of ₦5,000 also enforced on newcomers to Kwara Football Academy.

Secondary School Cadre (Schools Fees Breakdown)

The fees for attending the Kwara Football Academy vary based on student status and the term of admission.

For boarding students, new students pay ₦167,000.00 while returning students in their first term pay ₦137,000.00.

For day students, new students pay ₦102,000.00 and returning first-term students are charged ₦72,000.00.

Scholarship applications can receive full scholarships with no tuition fee costs.

New players to the academy regardless of status will be required to pay a form fee of ₦7,500.

Returning players and all existing students must also pay an acceptance fee of ₦5,000 on top of their tuition fees for each term that they attend the academy.

Kwara Football Academy Registration Requirements

Kwara Football Academy requires students to bring certain items upon enrollment. Necessary footwear includes trainers, soccer boots, slippers, and brown sandals.

Additionally, students must bring two pairs of white socks and a pair of black shoes.

Religious texts for Christians and Muslims–a copy of the RSV Holy Bible or Holy Quran with Arabic and English translations–are also needed.

Stationery supplies such as a math set, 6 biro pieces, 2 graph booklets, and additionally a hoe, cutlass (Langbalanga), and 2 bunches of brooms are also required.

Other necessary items include two plastic buckets, mop, cleaning supplies like giant-size Dettol and giant-size Izal; a laundry basket; mosquito net; blanket; one white bedsheet and one colored bedsheet; passport photographs; photocopy of last results obtained; transfer certificate for those already in secondary school; evidence of payment for school fees and other levies; stainless plate with cover; small-sized rechargeable lamp; and medical certificate of fitness from a government hospital.

Where is Kwara football academy located?

Kwara Football Academy is a state-of-the-art training facility located at the Kwara State Stadium Complex in Ilorin.

It is situated on over 35 hectares of land and features multiple sports facilities, including 4 football pitches with submersible sprinklers, one basketball court, one gymnasium, three blocks of student hostels (27 rooms each), and a medical centre.

List of Top Football Academies in Ilorin Kwara State

Beststar Football Academy

Shop 6, Opposite GDSS Okekere Junction, Ogidi Area, Ilorin, Kwara State Nigeria 0806 041 4264, 0805 262 7273, 0806 041 4264

Bravo Football Academy

Shop 14, Main Bowl Kwara State Stadium, Ilorin, Kwara Nigeria 0816 491 4892, 0805 800 1625, 0803 933 2646

La Planet Sport Academia

KM 2, Ilorin-Ogbomoso Expressway,, Eiyenkorin Ilorin, Kwara State 0803 340 8685

Lasora-Agarawu Soccer Academy

Green House Behind Alafia Tayo Group Hospital, Saw Mill, Ilorin, Kwara Nigeria 0805 906 1898, 0813 364 0255, 0802 780 2701

Stallion Football Academy

Muhideen College of Education, Kulende-Sango, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria 0703 119 0666

Yolvicmike Hellenic Football Academy

Kilometer 3 Asa-Dam Road, Ilorin, Kwara Nigeria 0908 487 9211, 0803 551 4766, 0814 111 1643


The academy has been producing players that have trialled with a number of international clubs, such as Chelsea and Portsmouth Football Club in England. Several products of the KFA are currently playing in different clubs within and outside Nigeria, including Ahmed Abdul-Taofik who is playing for FK Ventspils in the Latvia Premier League, four players at Kwara United, and four more at Bukola Babes Football Club.

Even more impressive was when three KFA students were part of the successful Nigerian U-17 team that won silver at 2009’s U-17 World Cup.


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