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LASU Don, Lai Oso, dies in auto crash

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LASU Don, Lai Oso, dies in auto crash

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Lai Oso, a renowned professor of Mass Communication at Lagos State University (LASU), has tragically passed away in a car accident.

The 67-year-old professor was returning from a conference in Abraka, Delta State when the accident occurred on Saturday evening.

The news of his passing was confirmed by Professor Sunday Olayinka Alawode, the Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies at LASU.

Oso had an impressive career at the Mass Communication School of Communication, Lagos State University, serving as the Dean of the school from 2011 to 2015 and holding the prestigious position of President of the Association of Communication Scholars & Professionals of Nigeria.

He was also a dedicated teacher, imparting knowledge in various subjects such as Journalism, Media and Governance, Political Communication, Development Communication, and Theory.

His academic journey included obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos, a Master of Science degree in International Relations from Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, and a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the University of Leicester in England, where he received a Federal Government scholarship in

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