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University of Ibadan New Students to Pay Higher Fees

by Thomasina Oseye
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University of Ibadan New Students to Pay Higher Fees

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New students resuming at the University of Ibadan (UI) this month for the new academic year will be required to pay significantly higher fees, according to the Institution’s Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ). The Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. ‘Keye Abiona, confirmed this during a call with UCJUI yesterday.

Prof. Abiona stated that the new fees displayed on the portal for freshers are correct, emphasizing that they only apply to new students. The fees vary across different faculties within the institution. Some freshers will have to pay a bundle fee of N372,000, with a technology levy and utility levy of N20,000 each, accumulating to a total of N412,000. However, in some faculties, the total amount ranges from N278,000 to N203,000.

This increase in fees represents a significant hike compared to the previous academic year. Last year, new intakes at the University of Ibadan paid between N64,600 to N69,600. This change amounts to a staggering 492.5% increase, with certain courses like Medicine requiring even higher fees than others.

The University of Ibadan Students’ Union, in a statement signed by the President, Samson Tobiloba, and General Secretary, Olaniyi Sodeeq, expressed their condemnation of the fee hike by the management. They noted that the increment represents a 450% to 750% increase compared to the previous bundle fee.

The new fees have sparked concerns among students and their families, as they face the financial burden of the increased costs.

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