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LAWMA Commences Process of Sealing Properties for Non-Compliance

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LAWMA Commences Process of Sealing Properties for Non-Compliance

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The Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has announced its plan to seal properties that do not comply with waste management regulations.

Starting from July 7, 2023, sealing notices will be issued to homes without waste bins on Lagos Island and Mainland.

This action follows the earlier issuance of abatement notices to these areas, urging property owners and residents to obtain proper waste bins.

Mr. Kunle Adebiyi, the Executive Director of Finance at LAWMA, emphasized the importance of cultivating proper environmental habits and supporting the Authority’s efforts to create a cleaner and more livable environment.

The notice of intention to seal serves as a final warning to residents who have not procured waste bins and maintained proper waste management practices.

The enforcement action aims to encourage responsible environmental behavior and reduce pollution in the city.

LAWMA’s Enforcement Team will target areas where violations have been observed and issue intention to seal notices to those found in violation.

Adebiyi urged residents to take responsibility for maintaining a clean and healthy environment by adhering to waste management regulations and procuring standard covered bins.

He also highlighted LAWMA’s initiatives, such as waste sorting campaigns and recycling programs, aimed at instilling a culture of responsible waste disposal.

Adebiyi appealed to residents to join hands with the administration of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu in establishing a cleaner and healthier environment by avoiding indiscriminate waste disposal and utilizing the waste management services provided by PSP operators.

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