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List Of Schengen Countries Easiest To Travel To From Nigeria

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List Of Schengen Countries Easiest To Travel To From Nigeria

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If you’re looking to travel from Nigeria to a Schengen country with ease, it’s helpful to consider the countries with a higher success rate for obtaining a Schengen Visa. I have the list of Schengen Countries in this post.

Typically, these countries have a smaller population and lower demand from travelers.

It’s important to note that when you have a Schengen Visa, you must start your trip from the country where you obtained the visa.

If you arrive in a different country, you may be turned away.

List Of Schengen Countries

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One of the advantages of a Schengen Visa is that it allows holders to travel to other Schengen areas.

Let’s now take a look at the list of Schengen countries that are easiest to travel to from Nigeria.


Greece, a popular tourist destination in Southern Europe, is not among the top countries that issue Schengen visas. However, the success rate for obtaining a Schengen visa for Greece is statistically high, with 95.1% of applications being successful. Unfortunately, due to racial biases, Greece is not a preferred choice for Africans seeking Schengen visas, unless they have a specific interest in visiting Greek islands such as Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Santorini, Mykonos, Samos, Lesvos, and others.


Slovakia, an Eastern European country that was formerly part of Czechoslovakia, is a member of the Schengen arrangement, which means that its visa is a Schengen Visa. While the number of visa applications to Slovakia from Nigeria is increasing, it is still lower compared to most Western European countries. However, if you choose to travel to Slovakia, you can be confident that your visa application has a high chance of being approved. Statistics show that 95.8% of visa applications to Slovakia are successful, with only 4.2% being unsuccessful.

Before you pack your luggage and head to Slovakia, it’s important to be aware of some potential issues you may face when you arrive: unemployment rates in Slovakia are relatively high, language is a big deal and many people of Eastern European countries are racists by their actions.


The Czech Republic, located in Eastern Europe and formerly part of Czechoslovakia, is experiencing a gradual increase in visa applications as more people become interested in visiting the country. With a strong and advanced economy, the Czech Republic is making steady progress. If applicants meet all the necessary requirements, they can be confident in obtaining a visa, as the success rate for applications stands at 95.3%, with only 4.7% being unsuccessful.


Luxembourg, located in Northwestern Europe, is one of the smallest countries in the world. It is bordered by Belgium, France, and Germany. Despite its size, Luxembourg is considered an advanced country in various aspects. Many professionals, especially qualified healthcare professionals like Registered Nurses, prefer working in Luxembourg due to the high take-home pay, which is currently the highest in the world.

Although Luxembourg receives fewer visa applications due to its size, it is worth noting that the applications have a high success rate. Currently, 96.3% of registered applications are successful, with only 3.7% being unsuccessful.

For those interested in visiting a small yet exciting country where everything runs smoothly and racial discrimination is minimal, the Kingdom of Luxembourg is a great choice. However, it is important to be aware that being an advanced country, the cost of living in Luxembourg may be higher compared to other European countries.


Latvia, located in northeastern Europe and part of the Baltic states, is not a commonly visited tourist destination for Africans due to various reasons such as language barriers and lack of information about its development. However, this can actually work in favor of travelers, as the number of visitors heading to Riga is relatively low, resulting in a higher success rate for visa applications. Currently, Latvian authorities approve 97.9% of the applications they receive, with only 2.1% being unsuccessful.


Poland, located in Eastern Europe, is becoming an increasingly popular destination for young people looking to study and potentially settle down. Life in Poland is generally good for these individuals and tourists alike. One of the advantages of living and working in Poland is the reduced racial discrimination compared to neighboring countries like Hungary and Montenegro. The transportation system is also excellent and affordable, making it convenient to get around. Additionally, university education in Poland is relatively inexpensive compared to other advanced economies. Despite the high number of applications received each year, the success rate for visa applications to Poland is an impressive 97%, with only 3% being unsuccessful.


Iceland, a Scandinavian European country located in the North Atlantic Ocean, is known for its easy Schengen visa application process. Despite its remote location, Iceland has a high success rate of 98.3% for short-term visa applications, with only 1.7% being unsuccessful. While it may not be a popular destination for African citizens traveling to Europe, those who are interested in research or studying may find favorable consideration for their visa application if they choose to visit Iceland.


Estonia, a rapidly developing country in the Baltic region known for its focus on Information Technology, is considered one of the easiest Schengen countries to obtain a visa from Nigeria. The Estonian embassy has a high success rate, with 98.4% of visa applications being approved.

Visiting Estonia as part of your European tour is a delightful experience, as the country offers not only rapid development but also affordable goods, easily accessible transportation systems, and excellent security. Additionally, living and working in Estonia is enjoyable, as it is one of the few countries where remote work is widely available, thanks to its strong internet-based business sector.


Finland is a highly developed country with a strong economy and a democratic government. It is known for its high success rate in processing Schengen visa applications, with only 1.7% being unsuccessful. Finland is also a popular tourist destination and offers opportunities for those interested in working in Europe. The country is currently seeking individuals who are dedicated and can contribute to its thriving industrial and service sectors. For those interested in studying in Finland, there is a study-to-stay approach that can provide further information on living and working in the country. Contrary to popular belief, finding a job in Finland is not difficult, especially for those who are serious about their search.


One more place on the list of Schengen Countries is Lithuania, located in Northeastern Europe. It is a coastal Baltic State and the largest of the three Baltic states. It is an exciting destination to start your European tour, especially during the summer.

If you are looking for the easiest Schengen visa to obtain in Nigeria, look no further than Lithuania. The country has a Schengen visa with a 98.7% success rate for applications. When you apply for a Lithuanian Schengen visa, you can be confident that a large percentage of applications are approved. On average, only 1.3% of applications are unsuccessful.

Despite receiving a higher number of applications, larger countries have lower success rates compared to Lithuania. Additionally, when you apply for a Lithuanian visa, you do not need to wait for long appointment bookings, unlike some countries where you may have to wait several months for your turn.

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