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Manchester City Players’ Salary 2022 – See Erling Haaland’s


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man city players salary

What is the salary of Manchester City’s players? See who’s taking home the most money in 2022! Discover Man City players’ wages for 2021–2022, including Erling Haaland’s paychecks.

How much do Man City players earn? All Man City players’ salaries will be published below in this article in terms of their weekly and yearly payments.

Before I show you those wages, I mean the salary of Manchester City players. Here are the richest club owners in the world.

Man City Player Wages

Man City Players’ Salary 2022

PlayersPositionWeekly SalaryAnnual Salary
Kevin De BruyneM£400,000£20,800,000
Erling HaalandF£375,000£19,500,000
Jack GrealishM£300,000£15,600,000
John StonesD£250,000£13,000,000
Rodrigo Hernández CascanteM£220,000£11,440,000
Ruben DiasD£160,000£8,320,000
Bernardo SilvaM£150,000£7,800,000
Ilkay GundoganM£140,000£7,280,000
Aymeric LaporteD£120,000£6,240,000
Riyad MahrezM£120,000£6,240,000
Kyle WalkerD£110,000£5,720,000
Nathan AkeD£92,308£4,800,000
Benjamin MendyD£90,000£4,680,000
Joao CanceloD£80,000£4,160,000
Ederson MoraesGK£65,000£3,380,000
Julian ÁlvarezF£50,000£2,600,000
Scott CarsonGK£25,000£1,300,000
Cole PalmerM£13,462£700,000
Phil FodenM£12,000£624,000

Those are the salaries of Manchester City players in 2022.

Man City Player Wages

Concluding Man City Players’ Wages

We have looked into how much Man City stars made this year! And we have also checked out player salaries, ranging from Erling Haaland’s salary to others on the team.

Man City’s player wages for 2022-23 totaled £144,184,000, with a breakdown as follows: Forwards: £22,100,000 (#8); midfielders: £70,484,000 (#2); defensemen: £46,920,000 (#3); goalkeepers: £4,680,000 (#6).

Also, Zack Steffen (GK), Marlos Moreno (F), and Diego Rosa (M) are all out on loan, with their base and guaranteed salaries pegged at £2,392,000. What are your thoughts on Manchester City’s player salaries?

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  1. Omoshola paul

    August 25, 2022 at 11:25 am

    I don’t think you are correct with joao cancelo and foden weekly salaries,bcos they just renew jiao cancelo contract….

  2. Bakura

    September 26, 2022 at 7:12 am

    Yes of course

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