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Mason Greenwood’s Contract Status at Man United: Does He Still Get Paid?

by Thomaz Oseghale
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Mason Greenwood's Contract Status at Man United Does He Still Get Paid

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One of the rising stars of Manchester United, Mason Greenwood, has been making headlines both on and off the pitch.

However, due to recent events, questions have been raised regarding his contract and whether he is still being paid by the club.

In this article, we will discuss Greenwood’s contract status and shed light on the financial aspects of his situation.

Greenwood, who is under contract at Manchester United until 2025, with the option to extend it to 2026, has not played since January 2022.

Despite his absence from the pitch, the young talent has been receiving his weekly wages of £75,000 throughout his suspension.

It is important to note that when a player is under contract, the club is obligated to pay their wages, regardless of whether they are playing or not.

In Greenwood’s case, Manchester United has fulfilled their contractual obligations and continued to pay him during his suspension.

While Greenwood has not been able to contribute on the field, it is evident that the club still values his potential and talent.

This is exemplified by their decision to honor his contract and ensure that he receives his wages as agreed upon.

However, it’s worth mentioning that Manchester United’s financial commitment to Greenwood will continue until he finds a new club that offers him a similar salary.

Until then, the club will continue to pay him, as per the terms of his contract.

Greenwood’s situation is not uncommon in the world of professional football. Injuries, suspensions, or other circumstances can temporarily prevent players from participating in matches.

Yet, the clubs they are contracted to are still obliged to pay their wages until the player’s contract expires or they are transferred to another club.

It’s important to understand that contracts in football are legally binding agreements that outline the rights and responsibilities of both the player and the club.

These contracts include details about salary, duration, and other terms that both parties have agreed upon.

As for Greenwood, his contract with Manchester United ensures that he will be paid until he secures a similar salary elsewhere.

This demonstrates the club’s commitment to supporting their young talent and their belief in his future potential.

In conclusion, Mason Greenwood is still being paid by Manchester United, despite not playing since January 2022.

As per his contract, the club has fulfilled their financial obligations and will continue to do so until he commands a similar salary elsewhere.


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