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Michael Schumacher’s Family to Sue Magazine Over Fake Interview

by NaijNaira
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Michael Schumacher's Family to Sue Magazine Over Fake Interview

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Die Aktuelle, a German magazine, is facing legal action from Michael Schumacher’s family after publishing a fake interview with the Formula One legend.

The magazine claimed to have secured the first interview with Schumacher since his skiing accident almost a decade ago, but it was quickly revealed that the article had been generated by an AI chatbot.

Schumacher’s family has made his privacy their highest priority, and details of his condition are well-guarded.

The magazine’s insensitive piece was widely criticised on social media and by German media expert Boris Rosenkranz.

This is not the first time Die Aktuelle has been criticised for its reporting around the Schumachers, as a 2015 front cover featured Schumacher’s wife Corinna alongside the headline “a new love”.

The magazine won the legal case brought against it by the family.

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