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10 Most Capped Players In Bundesliga

by Abiodun Apena
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Who’re the most-capped players in the Bundesliga to have a feature in record-setting number of games since it’s foundation in 1963?

Playing for an extended period of time at the highest-level as a footballer is always a privilege considering the risk that comes with the game.

While some players are lucky enough to feature in great number of games, some are not due to injury, illness or personal issues that can’t allow them march on in achieving a record-setting number of games.

So here are the 10 most-capped players in Bundesliga with an extensive game time at the highest level.

Ulrich Stein – (512 appearances)

If there’s any top-goalkeeper who achieved quite a lot of success as a pro, it is Stein, who wore the jerseys of Arminia Bielefeld, Hamburger SV and Eintracht Frankfurt.

Stein was a brilliant goalie who made 512 appearances in the Bundesliga, featuring for three clubs before he bid the game farewell.

He didn’t only amassed record number of games playing in the league, he also achieved success winning two Bundesliga titles, one European Champions Cup in 1983, and two German Cups with Hamburger SV.

Michael Lemeck – (518 appearances)

One club man, Lemeck, was a well-renowned versatile player in Germany who can play as a left-back or a midfielder.

Lemeck spent the entirety of his playing days in VFL Bochum, where he is seen as a legend of the team.

He made 518 appearances in the Bundesliga featuring only for ‘Der Blau’ before he retired as a professional player in 1990, having featured strongly in the club’s DFB Pokal run in 1987-88.

After retiring Lemeck worked as a manager for Bochum reserves team but didn’t stay for long before leaving.

Willi Neuberger – (522 appearances)

Werder Bremen, Borussia Dortmund and Eintracht Frankfurt are all the clubs Neuberger wore their shirts, before he retired as a professional footballer who played in Bundesliga.

While active he played 522 matches, scoring 62 goals and 30 assists in the league. He also won the German Cup twice with Frankfurt and a UEFA Cup title.

As one of the most-capped players in the German league, his record-setting number of games at the top level still stands.

Eike Immel – (534 appearances)

Not every goalkeeper is privileged to amassed record number of games like Immel did in the Bundesliga, having featured in 534 games at the highest-level of German football.

The goalie played for two clubs in the Bundesliga, but anytime he’s name is mentioned it’s always traced to VFB Stuttgart due to the years he spent playing there.

Immel won the European Championship with Germany in 1980 and Bundesliga title with Stuttgart in 1991-92 season as a shot-stopper.

Klaus Fischer – (535 appearances)

Fischer was a prolific goal-scorer in the Bundesliga known for his acrobatic bicycle-kicks trademark as a centre-forward.

Fischer’s illustrious career didn’t only stands him out amongst the most-capped players in the Bundesliga, it’s also stands him out as one of the most-lethal goal-scorer in the history of the league with 268 goals and 15 assists.

The legendary striker played for Die Manschaffte and also turned-out for four clubs with which Schalke 04 is where he spent the entirety of his club’s career.

Mirko Votava – (545 appearances)

Votava is a Czech-born footballer who played for Werder Bremen and Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga.

Aside being one of the most-capped players in the Bundesliga, Votava also holds a record of the oldest goal-scorer in the league at the age of 40 against VFB Stuttgart.

The Czech-born appeared in 545 games as a player in the German top-division, and also won two league titles, two German cups and three German Super cups with Werder Bremen where he stands a legend.

Klaus Fichtel – (552 appearances)

In an era where German football is blessed with great sweeper defenders that competed for regular playing time in the national team, Klaus Fichtel was nonetheless one of the best defenders of his era.

The legendary defender is a true iron-man who played 552 Bundesliga matches with Schalke 04 and Werder Bremen during his career.

Despite being a brilliant defender he only featured in 23 games for West Germany in an era where the team is blessed with amazing players in his position.

Oliver Kahn – (557 appearances)

Kahn is one of the most-iconic players of his generation to ever graced the Bundesliga during an inimitable 20-year career at the grandest of stages.

The ex-German goalkeeper wasn’t just an outstanding shot-stopper with an unrivalled reflexes and a gladiator-like commitment in between the sticks for Bayern Munich and Germany.

The legendary Die Roten goalkeeper is also well revered and renowned for his intensely competitive attitude on the pitch, throughout his career in the Bundesliga where he featured in 557 games.

Manfred Kaltz – (581 appearances)

Kaltz is one of the finest defenders the Bundesliga has ever produce for how good he was as a professional player.

The right-back will forever be remembered in German football for his banana-like crosses, which had such curvature that their move resembled the shape of a banana in the air.

Kaltz spent 19-years at Hamburger SV in his first spell with the club, becoming one of their all-time great in the history of the club and Bundesliga respectively.

Karl-Heinz Korbel – (602 appearances)

Karl-Heinz Korbel is a legendary Bundesliga’s player who holds the record for the most appearances in the league with 602 games for one club ‘Eintracht Frankfurt’.

Korbel had a brilliant career which spanned almost two decades, which started from the age of 17 to 36 and spent the entirety of his professional club career at one club.

The centre-back won four German cups with Frankfurt and retired in 1991 having had an amazing career at the highest level of German football.

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