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Top 10 Best Super Eagles Goalkeepers of all time

by NaijNaira
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Top 10 Best Super Eagle Goalkeepers

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If you had to pick the best Super Eagles goalkeepers of all time, who would it be?

NaijNaira recently put together a list of the 10 best goalkeepers to have ever represented Nigeria.

They featured some iconic names such as Alloy Agu, Vincent Enyeama, Peter Rufai and Wilfred Agbonavbare – all renowned for their heroics between the posts for both club and country.

Who do you think are the best Super Eagles goalkeepers of all time?

Nigeria’s top 10 greatest goalkeepers

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Here’s our pick of Nigeria’s 10 greatest goalkeepers of all time. It’s an impressive list of shot-stoppers, some world-renowned, others less familiar but have made a huge impact in both the Nigerian and African football landscape.

From egos to eccentric personalities, the lineup more particularly has them in abundance giving us some hilarious memories along the way!

10. Alloy Agu (1988-1995)

Regarded by many as Nigeria’s best goalkeeper ever, Alloy Agu served proudly as the nation’s number one shot-stopper at two African championships where he won silver and bronze medals respectively.

He also provided top-notch backup to his compatriots Victor Enyeama and Vincent Enyeama in 1994, before later being appointed as the Super Eagles’ goalkeeping coach.

9. Wilfred Agbonavbare (1983- 1994)

Wilfred Agbonavbare is remembered as one of Nigeria’s best-ever footballers and, specifically, as the country’s all-time best goalkeeper.

He spent six years at Spanish side Rayo Vallecano and made history when he helped Nigeria qualify for the World Cup for the first time ever with a crucial draw in Algeria while guarding the goalposts.

8. Peter Fregene (1966-1983)

Peter Fregene was a veteran goalkeeper and one of the best to ever don the Super Eagle jersey.

With remarkable athleticism and acrobatic reflexes, he played for several years as the number 1 for his national team, including at the 1968 Olympics.

He had immense power to intimidate opposing strikers and proved an influential figure both in Nigeria’s domestic leagues as well as with his country’s international success.

Even Rufai looked up to him with admiration, honoring him as his personal hero.

7. Inua Rigogo (1968)

Best Super Eagles Goalkeepers

Inua Rigogo is widely regarded as one of the best goalkeepers to ever play for Nigeria’s Super Eagles.

Known for his athleticism, acrobatic skills and intimidation tactics, Rigogo was the number-one goalkeeper for the team for a decade after Independence.

During this time, he also made a name for himself at club level in local football circles.

6. Ike Shorunmu (1992-2002)

Best Super Eagles Goalkeepers

With 36 caps to his name, Ike Shorunmu is a highly-respected goalkeeper regarded as one of the best Nigeria has ever seen.

He played a massive role in the success of The Super Eagles between 2000 and 2002, featuring in the 2002 FIFA World Cup and keeping clean sheets as they reached the competition’s quarter-finals.

5. Sam Ibiam (1949-1958)

Best Super Eagles Goalkeepers

Emmanuel Ibiam is widely regarded as the greatest goalkeeper of Nigeria’s national team, the Super Eagles.

He made his international debut in 1949 and was dubbed the ‘Black Magnet’ for his impressive skills between the sticks.

For more than a decade, Ibiam recorded a string of clean sheets, exemplifying himself as an icon of pre-independence Nigerian football.

4. Best Ogedegbe (1980-1982)

Best Super Eagles Goalkeepers

Nigeria’s greatest goalkeeper of all time is widely considered to be Best Ogedengbe, who started his career with Shooting Stars of Ibadan in the late 1970s.

Ogedengbe was part of the Nigeria Super Eagles team during their successful Afcon win in 1980 and he was instrumental in keeping a clean sheet, only conceding once throughout the tournament.

He was deceptively accurate in taking penalties himself and amassed a tremendous amount of admirers throughout his playing career.

3. Emmanuel Okala (1972-1980)

Best Super Eagles Goalkeepers

Emmanuel Okala is widely recognized as the best Nigeria Super Eagles goalkeeper in history.

With over 100 matches for Nigeria, Okala established himself as an iconic figure for the nation throughout the 70s.

He was important to the Super Eagles’ gold medal-winning team at the 1973 All-African Games, and his talent shined through when Nigeria reached the final four at the 1978 Nations Cup. 

His success alongside Enugu Rangers where he achieved two consecutive doubles makes him a living legend of Nigerian football.

2. Peter Rufai (1983-1998)

Best Super Eagles Goalkeepers

Peter Rufai is widely considered to be Nigeria’s best goalkeeper of all time, and his 15-year international career has made him an icon.

He was the first Nigerian custodian in Europe when he signed with Belgian club Lokeren in 1986, and he went on to play for Nigeria at both the 1998 African Cup of Nations and the 1994 World Cup finals.

His skill, dedication and leadership saw him win numerous accolades throughout his career, cementing his legendary status among Nigerian football fans.

1. Vincent Enyeama (2002-2015)

Best Super Eagles Goalkeepers

Vincent Enyeama is widely regarded as number one on the list of the best Super Eagles goalkeepers in Nigerian history due to his impressive achievements both for the Super Eagles and at club level.

He made a total of 101 appearances for Nigeria between 2002 and 2015, winning the Africa Cup of Nations in 2013.

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