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Naira Marley’s Sister Speaks Out Against Her Brother’s Detention

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Naira Marley's Sister Speaks Out Against Her Brother's Detention

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Naira Marley’s sister, Shubomi, has expressed her concern over the detention of her brother upon his return to Nigeria, stating that it is a violation of his human rights.

According to The Nation, Naira Marley and Sam Larry were ordered to be remanded in custody by the Nigeria Police while an investigation is conducted into the death of MohBad.

In an Instagram story, Shubomi voiced her frustration, claiming that her brother’s detention is merely a ploy to appease the public.

She emphasized that keeping someone in custody for nearly 30 days without any charges, evidence, or sufficient witnesses is unjust. She urged the authorities to either present the evidence against him and press charges or release him.

Shubomi also questioned the delay in the investigation, stating that the truth and justice are what everyone desires.

She emphasized that the loss of one person should not lead to the lynching of another, as it does not bring about justice.


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