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Niger Delta Militant Asari Dokubo Issues Warning to Journalist Reuben Abati

by NaijNaira
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Niger Delta Militant Asari Dokubo Issues Warning to Journalist Reuben Abati

Former Niger Delta militant Asari Dokubo has issued a warning to Nigerian journalist Reuben Abati, urging him to stop spreading lies about him.

Dokubo’s statement came after his controversial visit to President Bola Tinubu and his comments about the location of oil thieves in Nigeria and the detention of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Despite facing criticism for his remarks, Dokubo remains unapologetic and has now directed his anger towards Abati.

In a video circulating online, Dokubo accuses Abati of benefiting from the government without giving anything in return and warns him to stop spreading falsehoods or face consequences.

He also brings up Abati’s past as a deputy governor to Buruji Kashamu and accuses him of embezzlement during the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

Dokubo promises to take Abati down and ensure he never recovers from it.

He wrote: “If you do anyhow, you will see anyhow, after acquiring a toilet certificate, people wey suppose to talk no talk but na things like you dey talk. Useless thing like you, you are a broke journalist, who wants to create mischief and you failed woefully.

“Roke journalists like Ruben Abati who has eaten from the government and has never worked for the government, who cannot survive outside handouts from people and brown envelopes. Look Ruben Abati, you have known me, I no be Wike, anyhow you want am, I go give you.

“Were you thought in school to lift lies and propagate them? You think you are talking to someone who cannot hit you back? You should have known me by now, this is how you raised all manner of hell on the Awolowo issue in Lagos and you failed woefully.

“You should be ashamed that you were a deputy governor to a drug addict, Buruji Kashamu. You cannot blackmail me, you have no morals or have nothing other than a certificate that grants you doctor of nothing. Ruben Abati, I promise to take you to the gutter and you will never come out of it. You are bold in criticizing others but you embezzled money during Goodluck Jonathan’s administration and did nothing you were asked to do.”

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