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Nigerian Passport ~ Price/Fee, Application & Renewal

To travel out of this country, you need two (2) major documents. They are; International passport from Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) and Visa from the embassy of the country you are visiting. nigerian passport

The Nigerian international e-passport is the only document that certify that you are indeed a citizen and Visa is the only document that confirms you have the permission to be in that country. Both will be needed at the point of entrying and exiting.

One mistake most Nigerians make is not getting international passport until they are ready to travel outside the shores of Nigeria.

Gone are those days when you can apply and get it the same day. There are couple of factors hindering that from happening in present day Nigeria. Therefore it is imperative to always have it ready to avoid delay should the need arise.

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If you are to apply and get a new passport today, you will be issued an e-passport (electronic passport). Meaning it is biometric powered and will in turn erase some documentation processes.

Types of Nigerian Passport.

There are different types of international passport in Nigeria based on pages and status.

International Passport Based on Pages.

Nigeria has two (2) types of passport based on the number of pages they have. We have;

  • 32 pages: It contains thirty-two pages.
  • 64 pages: Which contains sixty-four pages. For those that travel out often.

International Passport Based on Status.

These are also of two (2) types. They are;

  • Standard Passport: This is the common one you will see on most Nigerians. It is green in color.
  • Official Passport: This type is only issued to government officials and diplomats. It is blue in color.

Prices of Nigerian International Passport.

The cost of Nigerian e-passport varies depending on type and age of the applicant. And if you decide to apply offline through an agent, you will be paying more.

Offline method which i will refer to as third (3rd) party application method is the most common due to the fact that most Nigerians finds the online method which i will call the official application method complicated.

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They prefer to pay more to agents offline to making costly mistake online which might end up costing them more. Which ever way you choose to apply, below are the prices.

Official Prices ~ If you Chose to Apply & Pay Online.

Below is how much the different types of Nigeria passports will cost you. This is an official price from the NIS website which can be reviewed at anytime. Don’t worry this article will immediately be updated if such review took place. nigerian international passport price

For Applicants in Nigeria.

  • Age 0 – 17 Years: 32 pages = 8,750 Naira and 64 pages = 20,000 Naira.
  • For Age 18 – 59 Years: 32 pages = 15,000 Naira and 64 pages = 20,000 Naira.
  • Age 60 and Above: 32 pages = 8,750 Naira and 64 pages = 20,000 Naira.

Applicants Abroad.

  • Age 0 – 17 Years: 32 pages = $65 USD and 64 pages = $125 USD.
  • For Age 18 – 59 Years: 32 pages = $94 USD and 64 pages = $125 USD.
  • Above 60 Years: 32 pages = $65 USD and 64 pages = $125 USD.

Third Party Prices.

If you chose to apply offline, below is how much you will pay depending on the number of pages.

  • 32 Pages: Your age is irrelevant to them. The price is 28,000 Naira.
  • 64 Pages: You will shell out 34,000 Naira for this.

Currently, the validity period is 5 years but it used to be 10 years. I believe this article has answered your question on how much is international passport in Nigeria 2018. Convert the above dollar to naira using this rate.

Nigerian Passport Requirements & Application.

You will need the following document for interview either you apply online or offline.

  • 2 recent colour passport photographs (Less than a month old).
  • Birth certificate or Age declaration.
  • National ID Card (Driver’s License, NIMC card or Permanent Voters Card).
  • Local government identification.
  • Parents’ letter of consent (for under 16 years).
  • Marriage certificate where applicable.
  • Police report (for lost passport).
  • Change of Name Affidavit where applicable.
  • Guarantor’s form sworn to before a commissioner of Oaths/Magistrate/High Court Judge.
  • Completed passport application form.
  • Proof of payment.

For those that applied offline, your agent will get you the last three documents. Just go with those listed above and he/she will call your when it is time for interview.

How to Apply Online.

Navigate to NIS passport registration page to start the application process.

  • Select the type of Passport you want to apply for (Most Nigerians are eligible for the standard e-passport).
  • Fill the application form and submit to confirm your personal details before proceeding to payment.
  • You can pay in Naira or USD using your credit card or paying at a bank. Save your Application ID and Reference number somewhere.
  • Either way, a validation number will be issued or generated for you.
  • Go to NIS Application Payment Status.
  • Enter your application ID, reference number & validation number.
  • Click on search record and print your NIS e-receipt or Acknowledgement Slip. Take note of the date of your interview.

To print guarantor form, navigate to NIS home page >> Click on passport guarantor’s form >> Enter application ID & reference number >> Make sure you print out the two (2) pages.

Renewal of Nigeria International Passport.

You can only renew your e-passport 6 months before it expires or if you have used all the pages. The procedure and fee is the same as new registration.

There you have it on Nigerian passport. Kindly share this article using the social sharing buttons below.

Updated: August 16, 2018 — 1:12 pm

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