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Mercy Aigbe vows to retaliate after seeing her husband’s post 

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 Mercy Aigbe, a Nollywood actress, has pledged to deal with her husband Kazim Adeoti for making her look bad on social media.

It’s reported that her husband,  had published a humorous  picture of Mercy Aigbe dozing off during a prayer.

The actress, who adopted her husband’s religion, prepared for  ‘sari’. The mother of two, who is still adjusting to her new way of life, fell asleep during the prayers because she couldn’t stay up.

Unfortunately, her husband had captured her in the moment and had shared it to his thousands of fans online.

His post reads:

“I wish that spirit of Ramadan celebration infuse your heart and soul with happiness, peace and blessings.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Hajia Minnah in spirit!

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She said waking up hasn’t been easy for her.

Her post read:

“Ha! I can’t believe you did this to me. Ha! Waking up for sari is not easy oh. Ha!! Don’t worry 1-0 I shall retaliate


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