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Don’t Miss Your Chance: Apply for the NYFF Grant 2023

by NaijNaira
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Don't Miss Your Chance Apply for the NYFF Grant 2023

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The Nigeria Youth Futures Fund (NYFF) is now accepting applications for their 2023 grant. The NYFF is a collaborative effort between LEAP Africa, MacArthur Foundation, and Ford Foundation, aimed at supporting young leaders in Nigeria.

They are seeking individuals and groups with innovative project ideas that will improve the lives of young people in Nigeria. Grants ranging from $1000 to $50,000 are available for those with promising plans.

The NYFF offers various programs, including the Future Ideas Group, where young people can discuss their visions for the future of Nigeria, the Young Leaders Program, which provides education and funding for young leaders, and online platforms for Nigerians to share their aspirations for the country using the hashtag #theNigeriaWeWant.

What Kind of Projects Can the NYFF Grant 2023 Fund?

The Youth Leadership Fund will concentrate on specific main topics that have been identified based on the aspirations expressed by young individuals during the planning of the NYFF.

You can find a report titled “Nigeria We Want” on our website that provides more details. If you are thinking of applying to the fund, make sure that your project aligns with these core topics and has the potential to bring about positive change in your community.

Main Project Ideas:

Better Government:

Projects that help people:

  • Take part in their country and become leaders.
  • Make better rules and decisions for everyone.
  • Make sure everyone is honest and does the right thing.

Fixing Big Problems:

Projects that:

  • Help people get along and stop fighting.
  • Make sure everyone is treated fairly.
  • Teach everyone to love their country and each other.

Using Fun Ways to Share

The youth play a crucial role in shaping Nigeria’s future. NYFF’s funding for 2023/24 provides an opportunity for young individuals to showcase their ideas and contribute to making Nigeria a better place.

If you are young and have an innovative idea, now is the time to seize this opportunity.

Investing in the Youth: Exploring the NYFF Grant Structure

The NYFF has a structured grant system in place to support and invest in the youth.

Grant CategoryMax. Amount ($)Target BeneficiariesDescription
Small1,00060 IndividualsInitiatives by young activists
Development10,00064 OrganizationsYouth-led/focused grassroots projects
Catalyst50,0006 Youth hubsRegional youth-focused hubs

Who Can Apply for the NYFF Grant? Eligibility Requirements Explained

For Individuals:

  • Must be a youth activist (15-35 years) with a track record in youth development.
  • Display knowledge in strategic planning, project management, and execution.
  • Exhibit honesty, integrity, and teamwork/community skills.
  • Must have valid identification or affiliation to an institution.
  • Provide references from two reputable persons.

For Organizations:

  • Must be registered with Nigeria’s corporate affairs commission or authorized state/local bodies (proof required).
  • Must have a physical address and a well-maintained corporate account.
  • Openness to collaborate with other youth and the NYFF community.
  • Showcase good antecedents and a proven track record.
  • Submit references from two reputable persons.
  • Catalyst grant applicants need to have significant regional presence and influence.

NYFF Grant Application Process

Interested in being a part of this transformative journey? Here’s how you can seize the opportunity:

1. Initial Application: Complete the pre-application questions.

2. Proposal Submission: Submit a concept note (max. 3000 words). Your proposal should detail:

  • Section A: Background, identified challenges, proposed initiatives, and scope.
  • Section B: A robust Monitoring and Evaluation framework.
  • Section C: Project plan, including activities, timeline, and budget.

3. Documentation: Provide relevant identification.

  • Individuals: NIN certificate or its equivalent.
  • Organizations: Registration docs, organizational profile, past recognitions, and other credentials.

4. Referee Details: List out details for your two referees.

Are you a determined and passionate individual looking to make a mark? Don’t miss out on the NYFF Grant 2023! This grant offers incredible opportunities for Nigerian youths to shape the future of the Nigeria we envision. It’s not just a grant, but a chance to bring about revolutionary changes for a better tomorrow in Nigeria. Visit NYFF now and apply to be a part of this transformative journey.

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