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How To Do NYSC Redeployment/Relocation Correctly

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How To Do NYSC Redeployment

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Can you teach me how to do NYSC redeployment? What are the requirements for NYSC redeployment? How long does it take for NYSC relocation? Can I redeploy after camp? Can NYSC relocation be done twice? How does NYSC do their posting? How do I write a redeployment letter to NYSC? Can I do my NYSC in my state of Origin? Can one defer NYSC? How do I cancel a redeployment in NYSC? How do I request redeployment? How do I find my redeployment letter? How long does it take for relocation to be approved? How do I pay my NYSC relocation fee online?

If you have asked yourself the aforementioned questions severally, then this article has been written to answer them all and more.

But first, is there really a difference between NYSC relocation and redeployment?

Relocation in NYSC will mean that you are requesting to be posted to a particular State while redeployment is when you ask to be taken to another State after you have been previously deployed to one already.

Am I correct? If I’m not then I guess it’s all semantics then.

Abeg make Oyinbo no come confuse us come forget why we are here.

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Disadvantages Of NYSC Relocation

Since you have chosen to relocate/redeploy from your original NYSC posting, then get ready for the downsides of such an act. Or you thought it was going to be all Uhuru?!

I’m sorry to disappoint you, my dear.

Top on the list, you are going to face a delay in the payment of your allowance for at least three months. You will be lucky if it’s less.

You know how we do things in Naija, our processes are always slow with bottlenecks here and there.

So the process of trying to transfer your details and account to your new choice State will suffer the same fate.

You go fit stay without allowee?

Another problem you could face is more like what we call “one chance” in local parlance.

Imagine applying for redeployment and then you are posted to the nearest State you chose all because your choice State is filled up? OYO for you! (On Your Own).

Lastly, there is the financial strain and the Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) wahala. After all, there is nothing like NYSC automatic redeployment States, it is you who is choosing to do this to yourself.

What To Do After NYSC Relocation Approval

I think common sense should dictate to you that you should go straight to the new place you have been redeployed to and submit your redeployment letter.

Once you show up at the NYSC secretariat, the L.I. (Local Inspector) will assign you to your PPA or, in some cases, ask you to find one by yourself.

How Long Does NYSC Redeployment Take

The duration of your NYSC relocation application will depend on your reason for redeployment. But generally, NYSC relocation usually takes two weeks.

If it is on health grounds, it takes 14 days, but if the health issue is a very serious one, then within two days your application should be granted. OF course, you must provide documentation for all your claims.

Also, if your application is on security grounds, which is also a very good reason, you will be approved only after orientation camp. And if it is after camp you applied, then you will wait 14 days to be approved.

And if it is on marital grounds where you claim to be pregnant or a nursing mother, it is usually an instant approval.

But if you applied while in camp, you will have to wait till after orientation. And if it is after camp you applied then it will follow the general duration of two weeks.

Don’t think just because you are pregnant or nursing an infant NYSC will just approve your application, you will need to produce a marriage certificate. In short, it is for married couples.

Documents to Upload for Married Woman NYSC Relocation

You need five supporting documents for married women’s relocation to be approved by NYSC.

  1. Marriage Certificate (Court Affidavit). Court Certificate of Marriage, Mosque, or Church Marriage Certificate (are equally acceptable)
  2. Newspaper for Publication of Change of Name
  3. Husband Local Government Identification
  4. Husband’s ID Card e.g. National ID Card (temporary one acceptable), Voter’s Card, Driving License, etc.
  5. House Utility Bill (Power Bill, Water Bill, etc) or Letter from Husband Employer

How To Check NYSC Relocation Approval

  • Visit the NYSC portal
  • Log into your dashboard with your E-mail address and Password
  • Scroll down till you see the relocation icon
  • Click on “Relocation”
  • Your relocation application status should be showing now
  • You will see “Pending” if you have not been relocated.
  • But if you are relocated, you will see “Congratulation!!! Your application has been approved”
  • Until you pay the sum of 1,000.00 Naira for Relocation letter printing, you cannot see the State where NYSC relocated you

How Much Is NYSC Redeployment

To do NYSC redeployment, you will be required to pay the sum of ₦1000 (One thousand Naira only), but other small charges coming from the gateway payment you used may apply.

Letter Of Cancellation Of NYSC Redeployment

How does one cancel a redeployment in NYSC?

If for any reason you choose to cancel your redeployment, or it is that NYSC relocated you to another State different from the one you wanted, here are the steps you could take.

If you are still in the NYSC Orientation camp when you changed your mind, you could either meet your platoon officer to guide you or just write a letter of cancellation and submit it to the NYSC relocation officer.

But if you’ve left the NYSC Orientation camp already before the change of mind, you will still need to write a letter of cancellation and address it to your present NYSC State Coordinator and submit it at the NYSC secretariat.

After a couple of days, you will be informed that your relocation to the current service State has been cancelled. You can now return to your original State of posting.

Make sure of it that NYSC actually cancelled your relocation because it could mess up your service year if you continued service without the cancellation.

You must complete all these processes of relocation application and cancellation within three months as relocated corp members must report to their new State within 21 days of approval.

Consequences Of Not Doing NYSC

Whether it is compulsory or not to go for NYSC is up to you after all. But there are disadvantages of not going for NYSC.

Let’s take a look at the NYSC Act that deals with the issue of forgery and refusal to participate in the scheme, as well as the several jail terms and fines for offenders.

Section 13 of the NYSC Act states as follows:

 (1)    Any person—

(a)    who fails to report for service in the service corps in the manner directed by the Directorate or as the case may be, prescribed pursuant to the provisions of this Act; or

(b)    who refuses to make himself available for service in the service corps continuously for the period specified in subsection (2) of this section, is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine of N2,000 or to imprisonment for a term of twelve months or to both such fine and imprisonment.

(2)    Any person who—

(a)    under the provisions of this Act is not eligible to participate in the service corps so participates or attempts to so participate is guilty of an offence; or

(b)    having served in the service corps and has been duly issued with a Certificate of National Service or certificate of exemption, as the case may be, and is not eligible to serve under the same service corps so participates or attempts to so participate is guilty of an offence, and liable on conviction to a fine of N4,000 or to imprisonment for a term of two years or to both such fine and imprisonment.

(3)    Any person who fails to comply with or who contravenes or causes or aids or abets another to contravene any provision of this Act (not being a provision relating to the calling up of members of the service corps) is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine of N5,000 or to imprisonment for a term of three years or to both such fine and imprisonment.

(4)    Any person who—

(a)    in giving any information for the purposes of this Act knowingly or recklessly makes a statement which is false; or

(b)    forges or uses or lends to or allows to be used other than in the manner provided by this Act by any other person any certificate issued pursuant to the provisions of this Act; or

(c)    makes, or has in his possession any document so closely resembling any certificate so issued as to be calculated to deceive, is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine of N5,000 or to imprisonment for a term of three years or to both such fine and imprisonment.

(5)    Where an offence under subsection (3) of this section which has been committed by a body corporate is proved to have been committed with the consent or connivance of or to be attributable to any neglect on the part of any director, manager, secretary or other officials of the body corporate, or any person purporting to act in such capacity, he as well as the body corporate shall be deemed to be guilty of that offence and shall be liable to be proceeded against and punished accordingly.

If you don’t want an NYSC service extension, you’ve seen what the law says above. And NO, there is no way to get an NYSC certificate without serving. Don’t let anyone deceive you by forging an NYSC certificate. I won’t outrightly say you can’t get a job without an NYSC certificate, but you cannot for sure get any government or serious job without it.

However, there is an NYSC exemption certificate that allows you to do these things without participating in the scheme.

Sample Of NYSC Redeployment Letter

Below is how you can write a redeployment application letter.

(Your address)


The Director-General,


Plot 416, Tigris Crescent Off Aguiyi Ironsi Street,

Maitama. PMB 138, Garki, Abuja.

Then “through”

(Your NYSC State Coordinator,)

Then “through”

(Your State Camp director)

Dear Sir,

Application for Redeployment to (Your Choice Of State)

I, ……………… with NYSC State code …………….., hereby write to request for redeployment back to your choice of state.

This is to enable me (insert good and genuine reason(s) for redeployment) and also continue to serve my fatherland in the State.

Attached with this letter, are my NYSC redeployment form and (proof of evidence supporting your reason) to enable you to consider my application.

I will really appreciate it if my application is favourably considered.

Thanking you in anticipation.

yours faithfully,




Note: Attach all necessary documentation/certificates.

How To Apply For NYSC Redeployment

The two ways to apply for redeployment is either while you are in Camp or Online.


During the NYSC Orientation course in camp, Corpers are given the opportunity to apply for relocation.

You will have to fill out a form stating reasons for wanting to be redeployed/relocate and other details. Evidence will be required when you submit the form as well as an application letter.

See requirement for application for redeployment in the camp below:

  • Application Letter
  • Questionnaire stating particulars and reason(s) for redeploying
  • Evidence for reason to redeploy (e.g. Marriage Certificate or Health Certificate)


  • Go to the NYSC portal
  • Sign in with your email and password; same as the ones you earlier used in registering on the portal.
  • Click on “Relocation”
  • Fill in your details appropriately into the fields provided
  • Wait for notification either by SMS or email on your application status
  • If your application is approved, you’ll be notified by SMS or email as well.

How To Print NYSC Online Relocation Letter

  • Visit the NYSC Portal
  • Log in with your details
  • Select “Manage Relocation”
  • Make payment
  • Print your payment receipt. It’s your evidence of payment in case any unexpected issue arises latter
  • After payment you’ll see an option to print redeployment/relocation letter
  • Print the letter and make a copy
  • Take it to your new State of deployment

Please note that as an NYSC policy, all relocations stop six months into the service year.

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