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Online Shopping in Nigeria ~ Stay Safe & Best Stores to Buy

With population of about 200 million and over 50% of them with access to the internet, it is about time we talk about online shopping in Nigeria here on shopping in nigeria

The number of Nigerians that shops online has seen tremendous increment in just 2 years. The platform with which they shopped from has changed since 2016 and so is the age bracket that now patronizes e-commerce websites in Nigeria.

I doubt the concept of online shopping is new to anyone but for the sake of the few, online shopping is the act of buying goods and/or services on the internet from anywhere and at anytime.

Online shopping has to do with the following. Visiting an e-commerce or service rendering website >> place an order >> make payment or select pay on delivery >> wait for your order to be delivered.

Online Shopping in Nigeria: How to Stay Safe.

Million of Nigerians currently shops online but even at that, there are still numerous (in millions) that have never shopped online before. However, the number of online shoppers in Nigeria has seen huge increment since 2015.

According to recent surveys, the major reasons many Nigerians are not or stopped shopping online are online payments security, delayed delivery or delivery of wrong item and price.

No one can guarantee you 100% security online. However, there are some security measures (as stated below) that if adhere to can significantly reduce the possibility of been a victim of online scammers, cyber attack or data breaches.

1.) Secured Website: Before you enter your account or card details to pay online, make sure that website is HTTPS (it appears before the website’s URL)  enabled. This means that communication (data transfer) between your browser and the website is encrypted and will be hard to intercept.

2.) Don’t Use the Remember/Save Details Option: If you frequently shop on a site, you might feel the need to save your account or card details on the site so you won’t have to enter them every time you want to make payment.

That’s a bad idea and you shouldn’t do it. Why? Because if such online store happen to be a victim of cyber attack or data breach, your account details might be stolen which will make your funds vulnerable.

3.) Email and Social Media Links: Except you trust the source, do not click on just any links on messages sent to your email. It might makes your vulnerable to malware attacks such as keylogger.

4.) Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi: Never shop online over public Wi-Fi because most of them are not secured and data transfer can be intercepted easily.

5.) Password: Make sure you change your online banking or mobile apps password occasionally or when you think you might have been a victim of cyber attack. Also, never use the same password for two (2) online shopping sites or stores.

6.) Update: Always download and install update for your browser. Also, if there is security patches for your device (mobile or Pc) make sure you install it ASAP.

With the above tips, you should be save online.

Best Online Shopping Stores in Nigeria.

Numerous stores has been launched in Nigeria. Some of them are still flourishing while some have either shut the door or merged. Below is the list of best stores that i have bought things from online in Nigeria.


You can access this e-commerce store in Nigeria via It was launched some years ago (June 2012 to be precised) and it is one of the best online site in Nigeria. They sell stuffs that ranges from cloths, shoes, toys to tech accessories and gadgets.


It was launched about the same time as Jumia and when i said about the time i mean a month after Jumia was launched. They also sell different varieties of things like cloths, kitchen utensils, gadgets etc. You can reach them via


One of the best place to get your smartphones, PCs, Tablets and some other gadgets is Slot Nigeria. They have been an offline store for long, one of the most respected one as that and you can also order online through


The service they offer them is similar to that of Jumia and Konga and you can reach them through

Like every online sites in the world, note that the above ones can sometimes fall short of expectations.

Online shopping is worth over $2 Trillion globally, $13 Billion in Nigeria and the richest man in the world (Jeff Bezos) has most of his fortune from online shopping. Make use of the comment box to tell me your opinion about online shopping in Nigeria.

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Updated: October 10, 2018 — 7:41 am

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