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Osimhen’s Merchandise Sales Skyrocket After Napoli’s Serie A Victory

by NaijNaira
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Osimhen's Merchandise Sales Skyrocket After Napoli's Serie A Victory

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After Napoli’s historic win of the Italian Serie A, the demand for Osimhen’s merchandise skyrocketed.

The “Face Game” jerseys, featuring Osimhen, Kvara, and Di Lorenzo, as well as Napoli’s celebratory shirt, sold out almost immediately both online and offline.

Osimhen’s face masks and clothing are still in high demand, but even Amazon is out of stock, according to Italian news outlet Il Napolista.

The club’s official celebrating T-shirt and the unofficial “Face Game” shirts have become the hottest items in the market amongst the club’s fans.

The success of Luciano Spalletti’s squad has led to daily celebrations across the city of Naples, with fans storming official retailers to take home something blue.

The shirts presented during the Maradona party, the “Face Game,” are particularly popular, with those of Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia, and Di Lorenzo currently sold out.

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