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Pep Guardiola Responds to Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Ambitions for Manchester United

by Thomaz Oseghale
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Pep Guardiola Responds to Sir Jim Ratcliffe's Ambitions for Manchester United

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Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, has responded to Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s recent ambitions to knock Manchester City “off their perch”.

Ratcliffe, who recently acquired a 27.7% stake in Manchester United, expressed his desire to restore the club’s dominance in English and European football.

Guardiola, however, remains unfazed by Ratcliffe’s comments and believes in speaking the truth. Guardiola acknowledges Manchester City’s current pre-eminent status, with the club winning 14 trophies in the past six seasons compared to United’s solitary trophy.

He sees Ratcliffe’s acceptance of City’s dominance as the first step towards United’s fightback. Guardiola emphasizes that when he was below other teams, he admired and learned from them in order to challenge them. He suggests that United should do the same if they want to close the gap.

Reflecting on United’s successful period under Sir Alex Ferguson, Guardiola believes that City admired and aspired to be at the same level.

And now that they have reached that level, Guardiola expects United to make improvements and eventually compete again.

However, he remains focused on Manchester City’s success and is not concerned about United’s progress. Guardiola expresses confidence in Ratcliffe and other individuals at United, believing that they know what needs to be done to improve the club.

He sees this ambition as normal, as all teams strive for success. Guardiola’s main priority is Manchester City and ensuring that his team remains at the top.

In the upcoming Premier League match against Bournemouth, Guardiola’s second-placed Manchester City has the opportunity to close the gap to leaders Liverpool.

Playmaker Kevin De Bruyne, who was rested in the midweek win over Brentford, is expected to travel with the team, although Guardiola cannot confirm if he will be 100% fit.

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