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“They Inspire American Music” – Steve Harvey Defends African Artists

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Steve Harvey Defends African Artists, Says They Inspire American Music

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In a recent episode of his television show, American television host and filmmaker Steve Harvey shared his perspective on the influence of African music on American music.

Contrary to popular belief, Harvey stated that it is not African artists who have stolen from American music, but rather the West, particularly America, who have been inspired by African beats, rhythm, and soul.

Harvey specifically mentioned Nigerian artist Burna Boy, who has been at the forefront of the global Afrofusion movement.

Burna Boy himself has clarified that his music is not solely Afrobeats, but a fusion of American hip-hop, reggae, and African rhythms.

According to Harvey, African artists like Burna Boy are the ones who provide the beats, soul, rhythm, and hard work that inspire American musicians and give them the courage to experiment with different sounds and styles.

He emphasized that it is important to recognize and appreciate the contributions of African artists to the global music scene.

This perspective challenges the notion that African artists are imitating or copying American music.

Instead, it highlights the mutual exchange and influence between African and American music, with African artists bringing their unique cultural elements to the table.

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