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Post-Klopp Era: Two Primary Targets Arne Slot Should Set For Himself In His First Season In Charge Of Liverpool

by Ozymandias
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klopp and arne slot

There is a saying that heroes are remembered but legends are never forgotten.

Just like the likes of Steven Gerrard and Sir Kenny Dalglish, the legend of Jurgen Klopp will forever be etched in the memory of every Liverpool fan. When the German was appointed as manager of the Reds back in October 2015, he promised to win trophies with the club. Although it took a couple of years,  Klopp kept his promise to Liverpool fans.

Under his management, Liverpool won their first Champions League title in 14 years back in 2019. The following year, they won their first Premier League title in 30 years. What made this victory truly iconic was the fact that this was the Merseyside club’s first Premier League trophy in the current Premier League era.

Aside from winning 8 trophies at Anfield, Klopp, with his gegenpressing philosophy, produced one of the most entertaining displays in the modern era of football with his Liverpool squad. Speaking of his squad, during his reign, the German was able to attract world-class talent to Anfield such as the likes of Virgil van Dijk, Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, Alisson, etc. These players have achieved so much at Liverpool at both an individual and team level.

van dijk and alison

Eras inevitably have to come to an end and Jurgen Klopp’s reign at Liverpool ended as the 2023/24 season rounded up. As of June 1, Arne Slot is now the new manager of the club.

The former Feyenoord boss will know more than anyone else the weight of the expectations that have been placed on his shoulders. In these early days, he can find solace in knowing that Jurgen Klopp had placed a vote of confidence in him before he departed Anfield.

Arne Slot can also find solace in the fact that his style of management is very similar to that of his predecessor. This is one of the core reasons he was chosen to replace him. Both Klopp and Slot both favor an aggressive pressing style, with a high defensive line to win the ball back quickly. They also prioritize attacking intensity, though Klopp’s Liverpool relies more on direct transitions while Slot’s teams can incorporate a possession-based build-up at times. 

arne slot

Once the 2024/25 season kicks off, Arne Slot will no doubt be one of the main talking points not only in the Premier League but also across Europe. There are many who are skeptical about the former Feyenoord boss’ abilities and believe he is not ripe enough for the Premier League. Both he and the Liverpool squad must have realized this already. 

It is their job to prove the doubters wrong.

As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. In order to have a successful first season and successive successful seasons in the future, Arne Slot must lay down a solid project at Anfield. Given the quality of the squad he has inherited and the reputation of his predecessor, the Dutchman must set a very strong precedent in his first season.

To achieve this, here are 2 primary targets he needs to set for himself in his maiden season:

Prioritize Implementing His Football Philosophy Into The Liverpool Squad

As stated earlier, one of the major benefits Arne Slot currently has is the fact that his style of football is very similar to Klopp’s. However, there are indeed nuances between both. 

For his first season, the Dutchman should really focus on getting the Liverpool squad adapted to his style of football. This should not be too difficult to do based on the way in which the squad currently operates. Once he has achieved this, it will lay a strong groundwork for what can be achieved in the years to come.

liverpool players training

Pep Guardiola of Manchester City, who has won the Premier League title 4 times in a row now and 6 times in the past 7 years even struggled to get the Manchester City squad accustomed to his football philosophy in his first season in charge. In the summer transfer window that preceded the next season, the former Barcelona boss made some drastic changes to the squad which set a precedence for the club’s remarkable achievements in the past years.

Jurgen Klopp also required a couple of years to properly implement his style of play into the Liverpool squad. It was only when he was able to achieve this that the Reds started winning trophies and became a force to be reckoned with across Europe.

With regards to implementing Arne Slot’s football philosophy into the squad, there might be players he needs to sign and players he needs to let go of. There have been rumours that the Reds have shown strong interest in Atlanta’s midfielder Ederson. The Brazilian delivered a standout performance against Liverpool at Anfield during the Europa League quarter-finals, helping his team secure a resounding 3-0 victory. He was instrumental in disrupting Liverpool’s rhythm, winning the ball back with his relentless pressing, and initiating attacks with his vision and passing range.

Then there is the huge elephant in the room and that’s Mo Salah’s recent displays and outbursts both on the pitch and off the pitch. Jurgen Klopp gave the winger a lot of latitude, however, it is very unlikely Arne Slot would do the same. The Egyptian’s recent behavior is very bad for the morale of the club and the Dutchman would want the ambiance of the squad to be as optimal as possible in his first season in charge.

salah and klopp arguing

The smart decision might actually be to sell Mo Salah this summer transfer window to a Saudi Arabian club. The funds received should then be invested in getting a like-for-like replacement or simply another attacking player.

Prioritize Winning The FA Cup And/Or Carabao Cup

It will definitely be a huge ask to expect Arne Slot to compete for the Premier League title much less win it in his first season as Liverpool’s manager. The same also applies to the Champions League.

However, given the quality of the current Liverpool squad the Dutchman has at his disposal and how it should not be so hard to implement his playing style into the players, there is no reason the Reds cannot go all out in competing and potentially winning either the FA Cup or Carabao Cup.

Or potentially both of these trophies.

Winning the FA Cup and/or the Carabao Cup in his first season would indeed endear Arne Slot to the Liverpool fans. Plus, it will lay a solid groundwork for the years to come.


Arne Slot’s first year at the helm of Liverpool presents a unique opportunity to stamp his authority on the team and bring silverware to the Reds. By focusing on implementing his football philosophy, which shares similarities with Jurgen Klopp’s approach, Slot can build a cohesive unit that showcases the team’s trademark intensity and attacking flair. 

arne slot

With a few strategic signings and sales, he can mold the squad to fit his vision. Meanwhile, prioritizing the FA Cup and Carabao Cup offers a realistic path to glory, leveraging the squad’s quality to bring home tangible success. By achieving these targets, Slot will not only lay the foundation for long-term success but also demonstrate his ability to adapt and thrive in one of the most demanding roles in football. 

As the former Feyenoord boss embarks on this new chapter, the Liverpool faithful will be eagerly watching, expecting a season of progress, entertainment, and, ultimately, triumph.

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