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Top 6 footballers who look very much alike

by NaijNaira
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footballers who look alike

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Did you know some football players look very similar to other players? Most times, people find individuals who are usually not superstars or even sportsmen that look like famous footballers.

It is easier to find people looking like doppelgangers to the more popular footballers while oftentimes, athletes in other sports may find their long-lost twins playing football albeit they may be unrelated.

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Footballers who look alike

NaijNaira now looks at six footballers who look like another footballer, simply put, footballers who resemble another footballer.

Sacha Kljestan and Leo Messi

footballers who look alike

It was quite interesting when Messi started growing beards at Barcelona, he had a unique look and definitely looked more handsome

Also, the beards eliminated his baby face features and answered the curiosity of those who wanted to see the Argentine with beards.

However, one thing we may not get is a Messi with Mouthsache, or wait a minute, that’s where Sacha Kljestan comes in.

The American-Serb origin is just different from Messi thanks to his classic-looking Mouthsache.

Unlike his near doppelganger, Sacha doesn’t command huge transfer fees nor has he played for football’s biggest club sides.

He’s only managed to play at Chivas, Anderlecht, New York Red Bulls, and Orlando City.

Marwin Hitz and Yann Sommer

footballers who look alike

These two have twins for their fate to have run the same path because it was surprising to see both individuals be Goalkeepers from Switzerland, and play in Germany.

In fact, both goalkeepers play for two big teams in Borussia, with Hitz playing for Dortmund and Sommer turning out for Monchengladbach. Coincidence?

David Alaba and Kingsley Coman

footballers who look alike

At some point, David Alaba and Kingsley Coman were in Bayern Munich and although they both play different positions and come from different countries, they still looked alike.

Both are dark-skinned even once spotted with the same hairstyle and even though Koman is a bit taller than the Austrian-Nigerian, photographers, commentators and even fans mistake one for the other.

They all must be thanking goodness that David Alaba is now at Real Madrid and is also looking more robust than previously.

Marc-André Ter Stegen and Bekim Balaj

Andre Ter-Stegen has used a lot of goalkeeping styles from goalkeepers from decades past and while he has managed to emulate some greats, one player that looks physically like the German goalkeeper isn’t that great.

Whoever heard of Bekim Balaj has to be a football fan deeply rooted in Albanian football or supports Balaj’s club side.

Whatever the case is, he’s the closest stranger resembling Ter Stegen without being his blood.

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and Rune Almenning Jarstein

These two are interestingly matched with their facial features even though we don’t know if it is the former Ajax, Shalcke 04, and Tottenham star that stole the looks of the Norwegian goalkeeper closely resemble or if it’s the other way around.

It will be interesting to see if both will retain the other’s skills if they are reversed in their present positions on the pitch, imagine Huntelaar in goal while Rune plays as a striker.

 Oswaldo Alanís and Mats Hummels

We left the best for the last because not only do they look alike, the players acknowledge that they may be brothers separated at birth.

The Mexican Oswaldo Alanis and the German defender Mats Hummels oftentimes bant about each other’s looks on social media.

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