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Cement Price in Nigeria Today (Dangote, Elephant, etc.)

by NaijNaira
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price of cement in nigeria

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Get updated on the price of cement in Nigeria today. Discover the current rates for top cement brands such as Dangote and Elephant in this informative post.

As the Nigerian construction industry continues to boom, one crucial factor that often comes to mind is the price of cement. Cement is an essential building material used in almost every construction project, from residential homes to large infrastructure developments.

In this blog post, we will explore the current price of cement in Nigeria and shed light on why it shouldn’t deter your construction plans.

Let’s dive in!

The Current Price of Cement

The price of cement in Nigeria has seen some fluctuations over the years, but as of now, it stands at an affordable rate. On average, a 50kg bag of cement costs around ₦3,900 to ₦4,200.

This price may vary slightly depending on the region and the brand of cement.

Cement BrandRetail Price (per 50kg bag)Wholesale Price (600 bags)
Dangote Cement₦4,900 – ₦6,000₦2,350,000 – ₦2,450,000
Elephant Cement (WAPCO)₦3,850 – ₦4,150₦2,250,000 – ₦2,400,000
Ashaka Cement₦3,900 – ₦4,100₦2,300,000 – ₦2,450,000
Ibeto Cement₦3,900 – ₦4,100₦2,200,000 – ₦2,400,000
Eagle Cement₦3,800 – ₦4,100₦2,200,000 – ₦2,400,000
BUA Cement₦3,850 – ₦4,050₦2,250,000 – ₦2,400,000
UNICEM₦3,850 – ₦4,100₦2,200,000 – ₦2,400,000

While some may argue that the price of cement is on the higher side compared to previous years, it’s important to note that inflation and other economic factors play a significant role in these changes. The good news is that the price remains stable enough to keep your construction projects on track.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry

Although the price of cement may be a concern for some, it’s crucial to look at the bigger picture. The Nigerian government has been making efforts to promote local production of cement, which has helped stabilize the market and ensure steady availability of the material.

Furthermore, investing in construction projects is a long-term endeavor, and cement is just one component of the overall cost. With proper planning and budgeting, the price of cement can be factored into your project expenses without causing any major setbacks.

It’s also worth noting that the quality of cement in Nigeria is top-notch. Nigerian cement manufacturers adhere to strict quality control measures, ensuring that the cement produced meets international standards. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that the cement you use in your construction projects will be durable and reliable.


As we conclude, it’s important to understand that the price of cement in Nigeria is a factor that should be taken into account when planning construction projects. However, with the current stable prices and the government’s commitment to local production, there is no need to worry. Cement remains an affordable and high-quality building material that will continue to fuel the growth of the Nigerian construction industry.


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