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How To Do Public Search On CAC Website In Nigeria

by NaijNaira
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How To Do Public Search On CAC Website

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Have you fallen in the hands of a dubious company in Nigeria and now you want to know how to do public search on CAC website? This post will show you, among other things, how to check if a company is registered in Nigeria.

Did you know it actually costs nothing? I mean, aside from the data you’ll be using (provided by any network you use), it’s absolutely free!

Doing business with a registered company is in itself something you have to be careful about talk less of doing business with an unregistered company.

Why don’t you just take that money and throw it in the Lagoon?!

It’s the same thing.

On a serious note though, you don’t need to throw away your money, as anybody…I mean anyone can find out the status of a company in Nigeria if it is duly registered under the controlling body of Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC).

The governing body has now integrated a public search form into CAC Nigeria online portal so that you and I can search CAC records for registered company or business names, incorporated trustees and for business registration that you want to do. In other words, this public search on CAC website can also be used to search and register a business name.

And so no more loss of huge amount of capital to fraudulent businesses with unregistered company names.

You may not know but it is illegal for companies doing business in Nigeria to be unregistered with the appropriate governing body, which is the CAC.

Aside from registering businesses, the CAC also regulates how companies are being formed and managed in Nigeria. This takes me to the functions of CAC in Nigeria.

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Services Rendered By The CAC

There are three parts of registration services offered by the CAC and they are:

  1. PART A – Registry
  2. PART B – Registration of Business Names
  3. PART C – Registration of Incorporated Trustees (NGOs)

Let me quickly let you know that the four types of business ventures recognized by the CAC include Private Limited Company (LTD), Public Limited Company (PLC), Companies limited by guarantee and Unlimited Companies.

Now, these parts all carry out the following services:

  1. Incorporation of Companies (Private or Public Company, Limited by guarantee)
  2. Registration of Business Name
  3. Registration of Incorporated Trustees
  4. Same Day Incorporation Services under which companies are registered within one day
  5. Conducting searches
  6. Issuance of Certified True Copies of filed documents
  7. Registration of share capital increases, mortgages, etc
  8. Processing the statutory filings of Annual Returns, increase, changes in the memo and articles, addresses, etc
  9. Arrange or conduct investigations into the affairs of any company where the interests of the shareholders and the public so demand.
  10. Management and winding-up of companies.
  11. Monitoring the Compliance with the CAMA by companies.
  12. Sale of all statutory forms and publications of the Commission
  13. Responding to enquiries and complaints in respect of the services of the Commission.
  14. Handling the preliminary process of accreditation of Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Chartered Secretaries who are recognized professionals and direct users of the Companies Registry.

So to avoid being scammed, I guess it’s now time for me to show you how to do public search on CAC website and stop patronizing unregistered companies.

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How To Do Public Search On CAC Website

To search for a Company or Business name in Nigeria, follow the simple steps I have listed below and you should be able to confirm the registration of companies under the Cooperate Affairs Commission in the country.

Step 1.

Log On To The CAC Official Website

Once you’ve logged in to the Cooperate Affairs Commission website at – services.cac.gov.ng, click on the “public search” service on the first page. The site is easy to access even on your smartphone or any other device because of its user-friendly interface.

Step 2.

Enter Company Or Business Details

Have you clicked on “public search” on the first page as I told you in step one above? By now you should have been automatically redirected to the search page. Have you seen the search page? Now enter the name of the company or business you want to confirm its genuineness. Use the heading “search record by name” but remove the “PLC”, “Limited” or “LTD”.

Step 3.

Verify You Are Human

Of course, this is a kind of CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) you find on almost every serious site. If you’ve seen the captcha, now click it to verify that you are not a robot. If it takes you to a page where you need to identify some objects, just tick the ones that match correctly with the captcha. If you don’t get this verification done right, you might not be able to scale through to the next stage.

Step 4.

Start Search

Have you successfully completed the captcha? I know, right? It can be cumbersome sometimes. Now you will need to click on “search” and you be redirected to the next page. This is the main page where you’ll be given the information you want.

So now if the company or business name you entered is registered with the CAC, the search will return a result showing the details of the company and CAC registration status including the full name of the company or business, the RC number, the full address of the company and the reiteration date.

And if the case is that the company or business is still undergoing the registration process, then the result of the search wouldn’t bring the RC number and the company address. The only thing you’ll see is the full name of the company and the registration date.

But if the search does not show you any result at all but a blank page, you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you at this point that the company or business is not registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission.

By the way, the CAC online search can provide you with the company’s name, address, company registration number and a few other information only. For in-depth information about a company, it’s better to meet a lawyer to carry out a manual search for you at any CAC company located across Nigeria.

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Wrapping Up How To Do Public Search On CAC Website

Now that you know how to do public search on CAC website why do you still want to do business with companies that are yet to be registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission? Why not follow the steps I outlined above on how to do public search on CAC website before getting involved in any deal with a company or business in Nigeria. If you transact business with a registered company, hope you know that you can sue them in court in case of a breach of contract or a suspected act of fraud.

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