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Randy Waldrum’s Coaching Career: A Look at the Teams He Has Coached

by Thomaz Oseghale
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Randy Waldrum Teams Coached

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Get an inside look at Randy Waldrum teams coached and learn about his impact on the world of soccer coaching in this informative article.

Randy Waldrum Teams Coached

Managerial career
1978–1989Pittsburg State University (women)
1989–1994Tulsa (men)
1989–1994University of Tulsa (women)
1996–1998Baylor University (women)
1999–2013University of Notre Dame (women)
2014–2016Trinidad and Tobago (women)
2014–2017Houston Dash
2018–University of Pittsburgh (women)
2020–2023Nigeria (women)

Randy Waldrum’s journey in soccer coaching began in 1982 at Austin College, where he led the men’s soccer team to a 4–12–1 record.

This initial experience laid the foundation for his future success, igniting his passion for mentoring and guiding young athletes.

In 1988, Waldrum served as the head men’s soccer coach at Texas Wesleyan University, where he compiled a 6–10 record.

Despite the challenges, he remained dedicated to his players, instilling in them a sense of teamwork and determination.

University of Tulsa: Shaping Champions

From 1989 to 1994, Waldrum coached both the men’s and women’s soccer teams at the University of Tulsa.

During his tenure, he achieved remarkable records, with a 66–33–6 record for the men’s team and a 61–36–9 record for the women’s team.

Waldrum’s coaching style emphasized discipline, skill development, and a strong work ethic.

Under his guidance, the University of Tulsa teams flourished, consistently showcasing their talent and earning victories.

Building a Legacy at Notre Dame

In 1999, Waldrum became the head women’s soccer coach at the University of Notre Dame, where he would spend the next 15 seasons.

His tenure at Notre Dame was nothing short of extraordinary, leading the team to a remarkable record of 292–58–17.

Notably, Waldrum guided the Notre Dame women’s soccer team to two national championships, in 2004 and 2010.

These victories solidified his reputation as one of the most successful coaches in women’s college soccer.

A New Challenge: Houston Dash and Beyond

In 2014, Waldrum took on a new challenge as the head coach for the Houston Dash, an expansion team in the National Women’s Soccer League.

Despite facing some obstacles, he remained optimistic and focused on building a strong foundation for the team.

After leaving the Houston Dash, Waldrum continued his coaching journey, taking on roles with various national teams.

Although some opportunities didn’t materialize as expected, his resilience and dedication to the sport never wavered.

Randy Waldrum Returns: Leading the Nigeria Women’s National Football Team

In 2020, Randy Waldrum found himself back in the role he had once declined – as the head coach of the Nigeria Women’s National Football Team.

This time, he embraced the opportunity with open arms, eager to make a positive impact on the team’s performance.

Waldrum’s remarkable journey in soccer coaching serves as an inspiration to aspiring coaches and athletes alike.

His relentless pursuit of excellence, combined with his unwavering dedication to his players, is a testament to the power of passion and hard work in achieving success.

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