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Shocking Video: Farmer’s Head Bitten Off By Camel He Owned

by NaijNaira
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Shocking Video Farmer's Head Bitten Off By Camel He Owned

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Residents in a Panchu village, Bikaner, Rajasthan in India were stunned when a camel was seen decapitating its owner’s head on Monday evening.

Sohanram Nayak had been attempting to recapture the animal after it broke away from the rope constraints and went chasing after another camel.

In response to this destructive act, angry villagers retaliated by tying the animal to a tree and beating it to death.

Reports later stated that his family members contributed to this fatal event.

After an autopsy, Sohanram’s body was given back to his relatives while an official complaint is not proceeded with due to provincial statute which strictly prohibits any type of harm on camels.

The Camel Bill 2015 mentioned that there has been an alarming decrease in the amount of camels living in the region, thus endorsing its significant role in the environment of Rajasthan.

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