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The 5 Things You Must Fight for in Your Marriage

Discover the five things that are worth fighting for in your marriage.

by Michelle
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The 5 Things You Must Fight for in Your Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful journey that requires effort, commitment, and compromise from both partners. While disagreements and conflicts are inevitable, it is important to remember that some things are worth fighting for in your marriage.

These are the pillars that strengthen the foundation of your relationship and help you grow together.

In this article, we will discuss five things that are worth fighting for in your marriage.

1. Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful marriage. It is built over time through open and honest communication, reliability, and consistency. Trust allows you to feel safe and secure in your relationship, knowing that your partner has your back and will always be there for you.

It is worth fighting for because once trust is broken, it can be difficult to rebuild. Make trust a priority in your marriage by keeping your promises, being transparent, and addressing any issues that may arise promptly.

2. Communication

Effective communication is vital for a healthy and thriving marriage. It involves not only expressing your thoughts and feelings but also actively listening to your partner.

Good communication helps you understand each other better, resolve conflicts, and strengthen your emotional connection. It is worth fighting for because without it, misunderstandings and resentment can build up, leading to a breakdown in the relationship.

Make an effort to improve your communication skills by being attentive, validating each other’s feelings, and seeking professional help if needed.

3. Intimacy

Intimacy goes beyond physical attraction; it encompasses emotional, intellectual, and spiritual connection with your partner.

It is the bond that deepens your love and keeps the flame alive in your marriage. Intimacy is worth fighting for because it brings you closer, enhances your emotional well-being, and strengthens the overall satisfaction in your relationship.

Make time for intimacy by prioritizing quality time together, expressing affection, and exploring each other’s desires and needs.

4. Shared Goals and Values

Having shared goals and values creates a sense of unity and purpose in your marriage. It is worth fighting for because when you align your aspirations and values, you can support each other’s dreams, make important decisions together, and build a life that reflects your shared vision.

To cultivate shared goals and values, have open discussions about your individual priorities, find common ground, and celebrate each other’s achievements.

5. Growth and Personal Development

Marriage is not just about being together; it is also about personal growth and development. It is worth fighting for because when both partners are committed to their own growth, they become better individuals and, in turn, enhance their relationship.

Encourage each other’s personal goals, provide support and encouragement, and celebrate milestones together. Embrace change and see it as an opportunity for growth both individually and as a couple.


Marriage is a journey that requires constant effort and dedication.

By fighting for trust, communication, intimacy, shared goals and values, and personal growth, you can strengthen the bond with your partner and create a fulfilling and lasting relationship.

Remember that these things are worth the fight, as they lay the foundation for a strong and resilient marriage.

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