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‘The toughest job I ever took on’ – Graham Potter on managing Chelsea

by NaijNaira
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Graham Potter, the current manager of Chelsea Football Club, has recently declared that managing the team is “probably the hardest job in football”.

This comes as no surprise, given that the club underwent a drastic change in ownership in May of 2021, under the supervision of Todd Boehly and his consortium.

Add to the injuries suffered by 10 members of their first-team squad, and it’s easy to see why Potter would feel exhausted.

However, he’s not looking for pity; if things don’t go well from his end, the blame lies with him alone.

While Chelsea supporters have been singing out the name of former owner Roman Abramovich and manager Thomas Tuchel at matches, Potter recognizes that they’re reaching a new chapter in their history – and with any new beginning comes growing pains.

He understands their frustration but appreciates their continuous support all throughout.

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