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Top 10 Best Defensive Midfielders FIFA 23

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Best Defensive Midfielders FIFA 23

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Are you playing FIFA 23 and in need of the best Defensive Midfielders (DMs)? Then look no further!

Joshua Kimmich currently has the highest rating among DMs, with Carlos Henrique Venancio Casimiro and N’Golo Kanté coming closely in second and third place respectively.

Best Defensive Midfielders FIFA 23

Here is a list of the top 10 DMs on FIFA 23 for your gaming pleasure!

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10. Franck Kessié – FC Barcelona (Ivory Coast)

OVR: 84, POT: 86

Kessie stands out among defensive midfielders with his superior defensive and physical stats, making him a must-have for any team looking to build a strong defence.

His immense potential speaks for itself, cementing Frank Kessie as one of the best defensive midfielders in FIFA 23.

9. Declan Rice – West Ham (England)

OVR: 84, POT: 87                    

Declan Rice has been one of the stand out defensive midfielders in FIFA 23, with his amazing physicals helping him to become West Ham’s top pick for the position.

He has earned numerous accolades for the Republic of Ireland, including being nominated for the 2017–18 Hammer of the Year award.

8. Sandro Tonali – A.C. Milan (Italy)

OVR: 84, POT: 90

FIFA 23 has rated Sandro Tonali of AC Milan as one of the best defensive midfielders, thanks to his impressive technical ability, smoothening style and adaptability.

The 21-year-old Italian is known for his ability to play in a 4–3–3 formation as either a deep-lying playmaker or central defensive midfielder with precision.

His skills on the ball are unrivaled; he boasts impressive ratings in pace, passing and physicality that make him an incredibly valuable asset to any team.

Many experts believe Tonali will one day be spoken of among the greatest defensive midfielders ever to grace the game.

7. Sergio Busquets – FC Barcelona (Spain)

OVR: 85, POT: 85

Sergio Busquets is one of the best defensive midfielders in FIFA 23. With his high rating of 85, he can be relied upon to keep attackers in check and move the ball forward quickly.

A veteran of both Barcelona and the Spanish national team, his ability to intercept passes and defend at a high level make him one of the most experienced players in world football today.

Any team would be lucky to have a midfielder as proven and reliable as Busquets on their roster!

6. Marcelo Brozović – Inter Milan (Croatia)

OVR: 86, POT: 86

FIFA 23 boasts an array of talented defensive midfielders, and among them is Inter Milan’s Marcelo Brozovic.

He cemented his status as a top-tier DM with his performance in the 2020-21 season, where he excelled with passing, dribbling and defending to secure Inter’s title victory.

His tackling abilities and box-to-box movement make him a formidable opponent for any club that stands in his way.

5. Fabinho – Liverpool (Brazil)

OVR: 87, POT: 88

Fabinho is one of the most sought-after defensive midfielders in FIFA 23, not only for Liverpool but all around the world.

His prime form has been well noted by the game, as his impressive defensive attributes make him a great asset to any team he plays for.

This was especially demonstrated in several successful trophy wins during Klopp’s time at Liverpool.

He is also renowned for his quick move-set which allows him to recover possession with minimal need of assistance.

His pace and defense will receive a significant upgrade this season as they are key skill sets essential to becoming an effective CDM, allowing Fabinho to reach new heights in his career.

4. Rodri – Manchester City (Spain)

OVR: 87, POT: 89

Rodri, a Spanish defensive midfielder for Manchester City, has an overall rating of 87 in FIFA 23 and is considered one of the top defensive midfielders due to his impressive passing ability, solid defensive skills, and hardworking nature.

His ability to provide backup to the defense while still setting up plays for attacking players makes him a very valuable player that fits into any formation deployed by the manager.

3. Casemiro – Manchester United (Brazil)

OVR: 89, POT: 89

Casemiro of Manchester United has made a huge impact since joining the Premier League.

His strong physical presence and impressive defensive capabilities have made him an invaluable part of Manager Ten Hag’s midfield core.

On FIFA 23, Casemiro is one of the top three defensive midfielders. His passing, tackling, and interceptions have all been fantastically improved, making his box-to-box movement even more effective and reinforcing his already revered defensive strengths.

2. N’Golo Kanté – Chelsea (France)

OVR: 89, POT: 89

N’golo Kante has consistently been one of the best defensive midfielders in FIFA 23 since his first appearance.

His tireless pressing and defensive prowess make him an indispensable asset to any team. Despite recent setbacks, he still is making waves as one of many great DMs in the game.

With impressive stats for dribbling, defense, and physicality, he remains a top player for Chelsea and holds a strong 89 rating overall.

His adeptness at reading the game and disciplined attitude have made him an excellent box-to-box midfielder that excels at tackling and regaining possession.

While there has been some decline in certain areas such as pace, passing, and dribbling, Kante remains an invaluable player on any defense line as a CDM.

1. Joshua Kimmich – Bayern Munich (Germany)

OVR: 89, POT: 90

FIFA 23 has plenty of world-class defensive midfielders, but the top of the list might be Joshua Kimmich from Bayern Munich.

With an 89 overall rating and 90 potential rating, he brings a well-rounded game to the table with great passing and defensive skills.

What makes Kimmich stand out is his versatility – while he’s a center defensive midfielder by title, he can kickstart attacks after quickly regaining possession and hounding opposing players.

He continues to prove on-field why he’s considered one of the top CDMs in FIFA 23.

Concluding Best Defensive Midfielders FIFA 23

These are the best defensive midfielders FIFA 23 has to offer. Whether you’re in need of a pure holding midfielder or an all-action box-to-box player – these guys will ensure your team is protected in all areas of the pitch.

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