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Top 10 states in Nigeria with the highest number of internet users

by Vicky Oselumese
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Top 10 states in Nigeria with the highest number of internet users

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As of the fourth quarter of 2023, data on internet usage across Nigeria reveals fascinating insights into which states are leading in digital connectivity.

According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), internet subscriptions in Nigeria reached 163.8 million by the end of 2023.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 states with the highest number of internet users in Nigeria as of Q4 2024:

States in Nigeria with the highest number of internet users

10. Delta (4.4 million) Delta State, known for its oil production, has 4.4 million internet users. The state is making strides in the digital world, contributing to the diverse landscape of internet users in Nigeria.

9. Katsina (4.6 million) Katsina State, with 4.6 million internet users, showcases the expanding reach of digital connectivity beyond Nigeria’s major urban centers. This growth reflects the increasing awareness and adoption of digital technologies in the state.

8. Adamawa (5.4 million) Adamawa State stands out in the northeastern region with 5.4 million internet users. Despite facing challenges, the state is making significant progress in digital inclusion, bridging the digital divide in the region.

7. Rivers (5.6 million) Rivers State, with its capital in Port Harcourt, is not only an oil-rich state but also a burgeoning center for technology and innovation in the southern part of Nigeria, boasting 5.6 million internet users. The state’s efforts in leveraging digital technology for economic development are evident in its internet usage figures.

6. FCT (5.8 million) The Federal Capital Territory (FCT), encompassing Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, has 5.8 million internet users. As the administrative and political heart of Nigeria, it’s no surprise that the FCT is among the leaders in digital connectivity, with many government and private sector initiatives pushing for greater internet penetration.

5. Kaduna (7.4 million) Kaduna State, with 7.4 million internet users, is another northern state making waves in the digital world. The state has been proactive in embracing technology and aims to become a northern tech hub, as reflected in its growing internet user base.

4. Oyo (8.4 million) Oyo State, known for its rich cultural heritage, is also making strides in digital engagement with 8.4 million internet users. Its capital, Ibadan, is becoming a significant tech cluster, fostering digital education and innovation.

3. Kano (9 million) Kano, one of the largest cities in Nigeria’s northern region, comes in third with 9 million internet users. The state’s historical significance as a center of commerce and trade, coupled with its adaptation to digital transformation, has made it a leading state in the north for internet usage.

2. Ogun (9.5 million) Following closely behind Lagos is Ogun State, with 9.5 million internet users. Ogun’s strategic position as a neighbor to Lagos and its efforts in improving its ICT infrastructure have made it an emerging center for technology and industrialization, attracting more people to the digital space.

1. Lagos (18.9 million) Topping the chart is Lagos, the commercial hub of Nigeria, with an impressive 18.9 million internet users. The state’s advanced infrastructure and status as a business and tech hub significantly contribute to its high internet usage. Lagos is not only the most populous city in Nigeria but also a melting pot of cultures and businesses, making it a hotspot for digital activities.


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