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How to Optimize Your Airtel Family and Friends List for Cheaper Calls

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Looking for ways to reduce your call expenses on Airtel? This guide will show you how to optimize your Family and Friend on Airtel list for discounted calls.

Airtel understands the importance of staying connected with your family and friends. That’s why they offer the Family and Friends feature, which allows you to add, remove, and view numbers on your Airtel account.

Whether you want to stay in touch with your loved ones or manage your contacts, Airtel has got you covered.

Family And Friend On Airtel

Are you ready to take your Airtel experience to the next level? With the Family and Friends service, you can enjoy special call rates that are perfect for staying connected with your loved ones.

In this post, we will guide you on how to add, remove, and view numbers on your Family and Friends list. Get ready to unlock the power of Airtel Family and Friends!

How To Add Family And Friend On Airtel

If you are an Airtel user, you might already be familiar with the Family and Friends (FAF) service.

This handy feature allows you to add a select number of contacts to your list, enabling you to make discounted calls to these individuals.

Understanding how to maximize the benefits of FAF can help you save money and stay connected with your loved ones.

Selecting the Right Numbers for Your FAF List

When it comes to adding contacts to your FAF list, Airtel allows you to include up to 5 numbers for free.

However, any additional numbers beyond this limit will cost N50 per number added.

To ensure cost-effectiveness, it is crucial to carefully choose the contacts you frequently call.

For instance, you could consider adding your spouse, parents, siblings, or close friends with whom you stay in regular contact.

By limiting your FAF list to individuals you frequently call, you can make the most out of this service without incurring unnecessary charges.

Airtel Family And Friends Migration Code

Adding family and friends on Airtel is now easier than ever. To get started, simply dial the registration code on your Airtel device.

The code is *311*2*number#. Replace ‘number’ with the phone number of the person you want to add to your calling circle.

Make sure you have the correct phone number to avoid any errors.

For example, if you want to add the phone number 1234567890 to your Airtel family and friends list, dial *311*2*1234567890# on your Airtel device.

A confirmation message will be sent to both your number and the added number once the process is complete.

Once you have successfully added your family and friends to your Airtel calling circle, you can start enjoying the benefits.

You will be able to make calls to them at reduced rates, making it more affordable to stay connected with your loved ones.

Additionally, Airtel Family and Friends plan also offers discounted SMS rates, so you can send text messages to your loved ones without worrying about high charges.

This plan is perfect for those who want to stay connected with their family and friends without breaking the bank.

How to Add Numbers to Family And Friend On Airtel

Adding a number to your Airtel Family and Friends list is equally effortless. To add a number, just dial *311*1*NUMBER#. Replace ‘NUMBER’ with the phone number you want to add, and voila!

The number will be added to your Family and Friends list instantly. It’s a great way to keep your loved ones just a call away.

Remember with Airtel’s Family and Friends feature, you can add up to 5 numbers to your list.

This means you can stay connected with your immediate family members, close friends, or anyone else who is important to you.

It’s a convenient way to ensure that you can always reach out to the people who matter.

How to Remove/Delete Numbers

If you want to remove or delete a number from your Airtel Family and Friends list, it’s as easy as dialing *311*3*NUMBER#.

Simply replace ‘NUMBER’ with the actual phone number you wish to remove.

It’s that simple!

Once you’ve dialed the code, the number will be instantly removed from your Family and Friends list.

By removing unwanted numbers, you can ensure that you’re only connected with the people who matter most to you.

Whether you want to update your list or remove someone temporarily, Airtel gives you the flexibility to manage your contacts with ease.

Benefits of Family And Friend On Airtel

By optimizing your FAF list, you gain access to exclusive perks and enjoy significant savings on your calls.

Airtel offers discounted rates for calls made to contacts on your FAF list, allowing you to stay connected without breaking the bank.

Additionally, this service can be a valuable tool for businesses.

By including important customers or clients on your FAF list, you can enhance communication and strengthen professional relationships.

It’s a win-win situation.

Airtel Family And Friends Tariff Plan/Call Rates

The tariffs for the FAF service are uniform across all tariff plans:

Peak Periods (6 am – 9:59 pm): 25 Kobo per second.

Off-Peak Periods (10 pm – 5:59 pm): 21 Kobo per second

When using SmartConnect bonus: 40 kobos per second, irrespective of the time of the day you make the call.


Family and Friends on Airtel is an incredible feature that enables you to make cost-effective calls to your loved ones. By utilizing the Family and Friends feature on Airtel, you can stay connected with your loved ones like never before. When you add the right contacts to your FAF list and keep it updated, you can make the most out of this service.

Whether it’s staying connected with family or fostering strong business ties, or you want to add, remove, or view numbers, Family And Friend On Airtel is a valuable tool that ensures you never miss a call.

So why wait? Start managing your contacts today and enjoy seamless communication with your family and friends.

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